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When to Replace Indoor and Outdoor HVAC Components


Your outdoor air conditioning unit is on its last legs. It's time to replace it. But what about the indoor unit? It seems to be working fine. But even so, you really should replace it now too, rather than waiting.

Here are a few reasons why replacing air condition units together is a good idea.

Matched Sets

Your air conditioning units are designed to match. The indoor coils work together with the outdoor coils to provide your home with comfort. Getting one new unit will throw off that synchronicity, and the two won't be compatible -- even if you're getting the same brand and an updated version of approximately the same model.

The two will work inefficiently together, driving your energy bills through the roof, while still failing to cool your home properly. And if they continue operating that way, both units will break down long before their time -- if not immediately.

Increased Efficiency

Additionally, a new unit won't be able to reach its full potential if it's paired with an older unit that's less efficient. Paying for a new model that still functions at the level of the old one is a waste of money. And if one unit just broke down, the other can't be far behind. Replacing air condition units together will save you a lot of hassle.

Not to mention, advances are being made in A/C technology all the time. If your old unit has been with you even just a few years, your energy efficiency options today are going to be much better than they were when you bought it. You may spend a bit more, but you can recoup it in reduced energy bills. You can also get other new features, like a zoning system, or a multi-speed air handler, to help you save even more. But these features will only work if both units function together as a team.

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