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Duct Sealing in San Jose

Ensuring Equal Distribution of Air Conditioning Throughout Homes in Silicon Valley and the South Bay

Forced-air heating and cooling systems can be effective devices to distribute conditioned air throughout your entire home. Unfortunately, when left for years without evaluation, the system can become inefficient – losing up to thirty percent of the air that travels through the duct system.

When connection points become loose and the ducts begin to crack, our team can help. Valley Heating, Cooling, Electrical and Solar can seal any leaks to improve your system’s efficiency. By doing so, we can keep your home comfortable and sanitary while saving you money.

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Signs That Your Ducts Are Underperforming

If ducts are not properly sealed, there will be evidence of an apparent problem beyond any visible cracks or holes on the structure. Signs that ducts are underperforming include: 

  • Difficulty heating and cooling certain rooms
  • High summer and winter utility bills as you attempt to control the temperature of distant rooms
  • Stuffy rooms

Improving Duct Performance

Sealing can be difficult to handle independently, as ducts are typically concealed within walls and ceilings or in the far corners of the basement and attic. Our team can carefully access these spaces, detect leakage and fix the issue.

Our team will pay close attention to the spaces where the ducts meet with the floors, walls, and ceilings. These connecting spaces are common culprits of leaks and disconnected ducts.

If you choose to take on the project alone, it’s important to use mastic sealant or metal tape to insulate ducts. You should not use duct tape, as it is not a lasting solution.

The Consequences of Improperly Sealed Ducts

Air ducts are designed to let air enter at the return grilles and be emitted from the registers of the supply duct. If the system is not sealed properly, the cracks and openings will cause air leakage and hinder the system’s efficiency. This air loss will require the user to set their thermostat higher in an attempt to achieve the room temperature that they want, ultimately raising their utility bills in the process.

Furthermore, these holes could let dust and other pollutants into air ducts and affect the building’s air quality.

The Benefits of Duct Sealing

A well-designed, properly sealed air duct can make your home more comfortable, energy-efficient and safe. By sealing any leaks, you benefit from:

  • Even temperatures in every room
  • Lower energy bills
  • Positive impact on the environment by consuming less energy
  • Reduced risk of back drafting, wherein an appliance moves gases into the living space rather than outside

Reap the benefits of an efficient air system. Trust our team to help you locate and repair any duct leaks in your residential or commercial space in San Jose.

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