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Winter HVAC Tips: How to Keep Your Home from Getting Stuffy During Holiday Gatherings

HVAC Units In Snowy Garden

Understanding Winter HVAC Challenges 

Winter calls for cozy indoor gatherings and festive celebrations. However, these joyful events can sometimes leave homes feeling stuffy and uncomfortable. During the colder months, when houses are sealed up to keep out the chill, there's less fresh air coming in - and the recirculating air can become stagnant. This stagnation often leads to a stuffy atmosphere, especially during holiday gatherings when several people are sharing the same space.  

Your HVAC system plays a significant role in controlling the quality and circulation of air inside your home. Understanding and effectively managing your HVAC system during the winter can help mitigate these stuffy conditions, ensuring a more enjoyable and comfortable environment for your holiday festivities. 

The controlled use of your HVAC system can help significantly reduce the stuffiness in your home during winter. Here's how: 

  1. Ensure Proper Air Circulation: use your HVAC system to help improve the overall ventilation in your home. This can be achieved by utilizing your system's 'fan' mode, which enables it to circulate air even when it's not heating.  

  1. Create a DIY Maintenance Routine: your seasonal maintenance routine should include regular cleaning and changing of filters (every three months), checking all your vents and registers for proper functioning and testing your thermostat.  

  1. Address Air Quality: consider using air filtration systems in conjunction with your HVAC system. These devices can help remove potential allergens and particulates, thereby improving air quality. 

Don't Neglect Professional Maintenance  

Remember, professional maintenance is essential for the smooth running of your HVAC system. If the stuffiness persists after conducting these checks, give Valley Heating, Cooling, Electrical and Solar a call. We will inspect your system for hidden issues, test the operation of your system and conduct any necessary repairs or replacements. 

Prepping Your Home for Larger Gatherings 

Your HVAC system can be a savior during large. Body heat will naturally increase your homeandrsquo;s temperature and humidity levels. Consider lowering your thermostat settings to compensate for the additional warmth. A smart or programmable thermostat can also help balance comfort and efficiency. 

Though winter air is inherently more dry, holiday cooking can significantly increase indoor humidity, further contributing to a stuffy feel. Use dehumidifiers if needed, and check your HVAC system's humidity settings. If possible, we also recommend that you prep much of the food ahead of the event to reduce oven use that day . Don't forget to use range hoods to vent heat and moisture during cooking.  

We also recommend you perform the following steps to help prep your home for a large winter gathering:  

  • Check your thermostat settings the day before and adjust your heating schedule in anticipation of more people in your home.  

  • Check all registers and vents and make sure they arenandrsquo;t blocked or closed.  

  • Open your interior doors to encourage greater airflow throughout your home. 

  • Avoid using your fireplace during your event, which can overheat  rooms and reduce air quality.  

  • Consider opening a few windows to encourage fresh air to flow into your home, especially if things get crowded.  

  • Utilize your ceiling fans to help diffuse warm air and stuffiness.  

The Importance of Prompt HVAC Repairs During the Holiday Season 

Putting off HVAC repairs can lead to more significant issues down the line and potentially even a complete system breakdown. This is particularly crucial to consider during the holiday season when your system will be working overtime to accommodate the increased activity and guests in your home. Moreover, the last thing anyone wants during the holiday season is an unexpected and costly breakdown.  

So, if your HVAC system has been acting up or showing signs of wear, don't delay those repairs. Timely attention to these issues will ensure a comfortable, stuff-free holiday season for you and your loved ones. 

Reach out to the team at Valley today to schedule HVAC maintenance or repair and get peace of mind this holiday season.  

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