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How "Smart" Are Smart HVAC Systems?

Smart technology is increasingly being adapted to HVAC systems . It's not unusual now for homeowners to operate heating, ventilation, air conditioner and humidity-controlling appliances by remote control from a smart phone or laptop. So is a smart HVAC system worth the ...

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Blog posts in September, 2016

  • Air Problems? An HVAC Company Can Help

    You are having a terrible week, it is terribly windy and chilly outside and now your heating unit has broken. The leaves are everywhere and winter is ...

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  • Water Filtration Systems: Here is What You Should Know

    Do you need a water filtration system? If you get your household water from a municipal water utility, you can ask for a water quality report that ...

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  • How to Deal With Common A/C Condensate Drain Problems

    The condensate drain system isn't a complicated mechanical component of your air conditioner , but various problems can occur if it's not working ...

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  • Here's What You Should Know About Two-Stage Cooling

    A central air conditioner that has two-stage cooling could be the antidote to high summer energy bills and better indoor comfort. Systems with this ...

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  • Here's How to Understand A/C Ratings

    Shopping for a cooling system upgrade for your Santa Cruz-area home without a basic understanding of air conditioner ratings is a good way to get ...

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  • What Are the Benefits of Zoning Systems?

    An HVAC system with just one thermostat can't heat or cool your home at maximum efficiency, and it makes it more difficult to maintain consistent ...

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  • How Can Ceiling Fans Improve Your Cooling Efficiency?

    If you're a homeowner in the South Bay Peninsula and Santa Cruz area, you know just how much running your air conditioner daily can cost. That means ...

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