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Do you struggle with sneezing, watery eyes, a scratchy throat or dry skin and hair? If you are, you could be suffering from poor quality air. The average home has air that can be up to ten times worse than the air outside, particularly if you live in an area near construction, have a pet, smoke indoors or have any other quality-ruining factors. For anyone suffering from allergies, asthma or a respiratory condition, poor-quality air can seriously inhibit your quality of life and lead to illnesses and more.

With a quality air quality system, you’ll breathe easier and live more comfortably all year long. Our systems are packed with sophisticated technology that works directly with your HVAC system, meaning we can improve your air using whatever air conditioner or heater you already have installed. We stand by the work we do and we offer a full range of services, including repairs, installations, maintenance and so much more!

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What is an Ultraviolet (UV) Air Scrubber

An ultraviolet air scrubber system is a specialized lamp designed to target pathogens in your air such as bacteria, viruses, mold spores, pollen, dust mites and more. Pathogens are microscopic living organisms and they’re in the air all around us. An air scrubber changes that by wiping them out and reducing the impact they can have on health and comfort.

How do Ultraviolet (UV) Air Scrubbers work

A UV air scrubber uses a specialized bulb that emits ultraviolet (UV) light. UV light is particularly harsh and literally kills these microbes off by either directly neutralizing them or scrambling their DNA, preventing them from reproducing. From there, they can be effectively removed by your air filter - keeping your air cleaner and more sanitary!

What are the Benefits Air Filtration Systems

Every HVAC system has an air filter, but sometimes your filter needs a little bit of help. An improved air filtration system will helps your HVAC system strain out even more of the debris in the air, including any that was too small for your old filter to effectively handle. These systems use a combination of advanced technologies to remove even the smallest airborne pathogens.

The best part about these systems is that they can sometimes be installed as direct replacements for your current HVAC system’s filter. That means cleaner air with no substantial changes to your system’s operation. And you may even see an improvement in HVAC efficiency due to improved airflow even though your filtration has increased significantly! Call us to learn more about these systems and see if one is the right choice for you.

Benefits of Replacing Your Filters

It may be possible to do more with the HVAC equipment you already have installed. By changing your air filter to one with a stronger filtration rating, you might be able to filter more out of your air without making any other changes. Our team can work with you to choose the right filter for your system, ensuring you aren’t sacrificing on efficiency and energy costs while still improving your overall indoor air quality.

Let your indoor air problems be a thing of the past! Contact Valley Heating, Cooling, Electrical and Solar to get the help you’re looking for.


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