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What Are the Benefits of Zoning Systems?


An HVAC system with just one thermostat can't heat or cool your home at maximum efficiency, and it makes it more difficult to maintain consistent comfort in every room. Installing a zoning system can help you lower your energy consumption and raise your comfort level. It's easiest to zone an HVAC system when a home is constructed or when the equipment is upgraded, but it's also possible to retrofit an existing system.

How Zoned Systems Work

To set up a zoned system, motorized dampers are placed in the ductwork to separate your home into multiple areas (or zones) for heating and cooling. Dedicated programmable thermostats are installed in the zones, then they're all connected to a centrally located control panel. This allows you to program different thermostat temperature settings in individual zones based on occupancy and use. When the thermostat in a particular zone calls for cooling or heating, the control panel opens the appropriate dampers and starts up the HVAC equipment.

Zoned System Benefits

Zoning is especially beneficial in multi-story and larger homes, or ones with features that make it difficult to heat and cool efficiently, such as large windows, cathedral ceilings, sun rooms, lofts or finished living space in the attic or above an unconditioned garage. Some of the advantages you'll gain by installing a zoning system in your South Bay Peninsula or Santa Cruz home include:

  • Greater comfort.When you have multiple thermostats controlling specific zones within your home, you'll enjoy better temperature control throughout with fewer hot or cold spots.
  • Longer equipment life.Zoning puts less strain and wear on key HVAC system components such as the air handler and A/C compressor, which helps extend their service life.
  • Lower energy bills.Zoning using programmable thermostats gives you more precise control over the energy used to heat or cool different areas of your home, which can cut your HVAC-related consumption by up to a third. Upgrading your HVAC system with a variable-speed air handler can help you save even more energy.

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