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Electrical Repair, Installation and Maintenance - Our San Jose Electrician Squad Does It All!

Valley Heating, Cooling, Electrical and Solar proudly offers a variety of electrical services. We provide electrical repairs and installations for residential homes and light commercial buildings. Whether we are upgrading electrical panels, remodeling entire homes or troubleshooting bad circuits, our quality and commitment to our clients will never change. We guarantee to provide you with good old-fashioned service!

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How We Can Help You

We extend our electrical services to homeowners and the owners of light commercial properties. Our team offers repairs, installations and maintenance services to keep your electrical system in good working order.

Our electrical services include:

  • Electrical panel upgrades: Old, outdated electrical panels are an increased fire and safety hazard — let us replace them.
  • Circuit breaker repair: Many circuit breakers become overheated through the years and may malfunction, causing them to trip — we can repair malfunctioning circuit breakers.
  • Recessed lighting: Add a beautiful touch to any room with recessed lighting.
  • Kitchen remodeling: We can add new outlets and recessed lighting to modernize your kitchen as part of your remodeling project.
  • Ceiling fan installation: Paddle fans will cool down your home significantly during those hot summer days.
  • Attic and bathroom fans: Attic fans are great for cooling down your home, while bathroom fans can prevent mold and mildew growth.
  • Security lighting and flood lighting: Add motion lights to increase the safety at your home or office.
  • Dedicated circuits for spas and Jacuzzis: These kinds of products may require their own circuit, which we can assist with.

5 Signs You Need an Electrician

1. Blown fuse after blown fuse - Every now and then an isolated blown fuse is nothing to write home about. But if it's happening again and again then you should call in our San Jose electrician to at the very least inspect your electrical panel.

2. Flickering lights - If your electrical system is on short supply, the first symptom of this may very well be flickering lights. Your AC, fridge, and other electrical appliances take up a lot of electricity and your lights flickering is a sign that your electrical system is spread thin.

3. That strange buzzing sound - Electricity may be able to do miraculous things, but one thing it isn't supposed to do is make noise. If you're getting a buzzing sound from an electrical appliance, then call in our San Jose electrician because this is abnormal.

4. An electrical outlet that's hot to the touch - You may think that an electrical outlet is supposed to be hot, but it's actually not a normal observation. This means that the electrical wiring in your outlet needs to be redone by a professional.

5. Power bricks connecting to power bricks - If you ever find that you don't have enough electrical outlets and you need to connect a power brick to another power brick then give us a call. This is a fire hazard and we can set up your electrical system with as many electrical outlets as you need without putting your home at risk.

Electrical Tips and Tricks

If your house has a breaker box instead of a fuse box, when something goes off, it is likely due to a thrown breaker. If this is the case, you simply need to turn the breaker completely off and then turn it back on again in order to restore power. If this problem persists, you may have a bad breaker or there may be too much power being drawn from the area that it controls.

Periodically, you will encounter a blown fuse. This occurs when the thin metal strip that runs through the middle of a fuse has melted. When this occurs, the fuse needs to be replaced, but make sure that your replacement is rated the same as the existing one. It is also good to perform a fuse replacement while on dry ground.

When using your power tools with an extension cord, check the power rating of the item as well as the gauge of the extension cord. You could be losing precious power if the cord cannot carry enough to the device. This will lead to poor performance and could damage your tool or device by not giving it to the power to run properly.

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    Former Customer
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    Diane L., Milpitas, CA
  • “But their people treated our home as if it were theirs, right down to the screws. They clearly had far more knowledge than their competition, and it showed. ”

    Kellye & Dr. Douglas Robinson, Los Gatos
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  • “I have terrible allergies, so, they recommended some special filters on the furnace and a UV light on my central air conditioning system. It helped me tremendously.”

    Dixie S., Sunnyvale, CA
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    D. Matsuhiro, San Jose
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    Sharon C., San Jose, CA

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