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San Jose Heat Pump Water Heaters

Efficient Water Heating Solutions in Silicon Valley and The South Bay

Waiting for water to heat up to take a shower, do the laundry or wash dishes is not productive or efficient. To rapidly speed up the process of heating water, our team at Valley Heating, Cooling, Electrical and Solar can install a superb, heat pump water heater. This system is far more efficient and economical and even dehumidifies air at the same time. If your hot water takes a long time to get to your faucet due to a long run, we can also add a recirculating pump to make hot water at your faucet almost instant.

Continue reading or contact us now at (408) 868-5500 and we can explain all the benefits of our effective, multi-purpose heat pump water heaters in San Jose and the surrounding areas.

Benefits of Installing a Heat Pump Water Heater

Heat pump water heaters are up to three times more efficient at saving energy and lowering the utility costs than a traditional electric or gas water heater.

The overall decrease of energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions lowers the carbon footprint - greatly benefitting the environment and their ability to serve as a dehumidifier keeps the air in a home fresh and balanced, so everyone can breathe more easily. Most importantly, heat pumps are especially safe as there is no danger of natural gas combusting or leaking.

Repairing and Replacing Heat Pump Water Heaters in San Jose

These advanced water heaters can run efficiently for up to 10 years longer than traditional heaters. Eventually, however, these powerful units may need to be replaced with another unit to maintain the highest level of efficiency. To best serve our customers, we always check to see if there are any small issues that could be quickly repaired before replacing any heat pump water heater.

Be sure to get in touch upon noticing any warning signals, such as:

  • Water seems to be continually dripping or leaking
  • There is no hot water or the hot water only lasts for a short amount of time
  • The air surrounding the unit seems to be cold and moist
  • Clanking or groaning sounds are coming from the heater
  • There is a sulfuric or rotten egg smell

Support for All Maintenance Needs

The best way to keep heat pump water heaters working powerfully and efficiently is through proper maintenance. Our dedicated experts at Valley Heating, Cooling, Electrical and Solar always do a thorough job when tuning up heaters, checking that the filters are cleaned and there is no debris clogging up the unit. With our periodic maintenance, customers can be sure that the tank will not accumulate harmful sediment, keeping the system working effectively for many years to come.

Call us today at (408) 868-5500 or contact us online to ask any questions about our economical San Jose heat pump water heaters.


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