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Features to Look for in an HVAC System


If you're replacing an older air conditioner or heat pump, you'll want to investigate the latest digital features and advances in HVAC technology that can reduce your cooling costs and increase your home comfort. Here are some beneficial digital features worth considering when you're choosing new equipment.

Smart Thermostats

The smart thermostats available today are designed to sense the conditions in a home and intuitively make adjustments based on variables like temperature, humidity, and occupancy. With a smart thermostat, you can enjoy lower energy consumption, better humidity control, and more consistent temperatures throughout the home.

Variable-Speed Air Handlers

If you have a single-speed air handler, you're probably used to the frequent on-off cycles it goes through to maintain the thermostat's temperature setting. A variable-speed air handler operates more efficiently because it runs on the lowest speed setting much of the time. Whenever the thermostat calls for extra cooling, the air handler automatically ramps up to a higher speed to maintain your chosen comfort level. Not only does this save energy, it puts less strain and wear on the HVAC equipment.

Variable-Speed Compressors

In comparison to standard compressors that always operate at 100 percent capacity, variable-speed models can modulate their speed incrementally. This helps save energy during the shoulder seasons when 100 percent cooling capacity isn't needed to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

Automatic-Delay Switch

Usually, the blower fan shuts off in tandem with the compressor. An automatic delay switch keeps it running for a short time after the compressor cycles off, so that any remaining cool air gets pushed out of the ducting into the rooms of your home.

Zoning Systems

With these systems, your home is divided up into separate cooling zones to provide precise control of energy consumption and comfort in different areas. Dampers are installed in the ductwork to create the individual zones. Your cooling preferences are programmed into a centrally-located panel, which signals a dedicated thermostat in each zone to open and close the dampers as needed.

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