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No matter what your heating and cooling needs may be, our team of San Jose HVAC installation experts can help you choose the make and model that is right for you. At Valley Heating, Cooling, Electrical and Solar, we know just how much goes into selecting the perfect equipment. We work with home and business owners to determine what their space requires and what will best support their unique needs.


  • SLP89V Variable-Capacity Gas Furnace
  • SL280V Variable Speed Gas Furnace
  • EL296V High-Efficiency, Two-Stage Gas Furnace
  • EL296E High-Efficiency, Two-Stage Gas Furnace
  • EL280 Two-Stage Gas Furnace
  • EL180E Gas Furnace
  • G61 Gas Furnace
  • EL195E Gas Furnace
  • ML195 Gas Furnace
  • ML193 Gas Furnace
  • ML180E Gas Furnace
  • ML180 Gas Furnace
  • SLO183V Oil Furnace
  • ELO183 Oil Furnaces

Air Conditioners

  • XC21 Air Conditioner
  • XC17 Air Conditioner
  • XC16 Air Conditioner
  • XC14 Air Conditioner
  • XC13 Air Conditioner
  • 14ACX Air Conditioner
  • 13ACX Air Conditioner


Types of fans include:

  • Attic Fans – Solar and Electric
  • Whole House Fans – Increase the efficiency of your air conditioning unit
  • Bathroom Fans

Heat Pumps

  • XP21 Heat Pump
  • XP17 Heat Pump
  • XP16 Heat Pump
  • XP14 Heat Pump
  • XP13 Heat Pump
  • 14HPX Heat Pump
  • 13HPX Heat Pump

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Our Customers Love Us

  • "They understood how important customer service is. It was a pleasure doing business with this company."
    - Club Pilates North San Jose
  • "They are responsive, honest, reliable, and trustworthy"

    We have used them over many years for our home’s HVAC systems

    - Johnathan S.
  • "They go out of their way to help us"

    We are very thankful for all of their help

    - Mary B.

Indoor Air Quality

  • Healthy Climate® Steam Humidifier
  • Healthy Climate® Whole-Home Power Humidifier
  • Healthy Climate® Whole-Home Bypass Humidifiers
  • Humiditrol® Whole-Home Dehumidification System
  • Healthy Climate® Whole-Home Dehumidifiers
  • Healthy Climate® UV Germicidal Lights
  • Healthy Climate® UVC Germicidal Lights
  • Healthy Climate Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV)
  • Healthy Climate Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV)
  • Ventilation Control System
  • Healthy Climate Carbon Clean 16 Media Air Cleaner
  • Healthy Climate 10 Media Air Cleaner
  • Healthy Climate High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filtration System
  • Healthy Climate Replacement Air Filters
  • PureAir™ Air Purification System


  • icomfort Wi-Fi™ Touchscreen Thermostat
  • ComfortSense® 7000 Series Touchscreen Thermostat
  • ComfortSense® 5000 Series Touchscreen Thermostat
  • ComfortSense® 3000 Series Programmable and Non-Programmable Thermostats
  • Harmony III™ Zoning System
  • LZP-4 Zoning System
  • LZP-2 Zoning System

Gas Fireplaces

Dave Lennox Signature™ Collection

  • Adagio™
  • Crestline™
  • Elite™CVF
  • Montebello™
  • Radium™
  • Ravelle™
  • Scandium™
  • Spectra™
  • Symmetry™
  • X-FIRES™Widescreen and 1000

Elite™ Series

  • EBVPF Three-Sided Peninsula
  • EBVPF Three-Sided Peninsula
  • EDV
  • EDVCR/CL Two-Sided Corner
  • EDVPF Three-Sided Peninsula
  • EDVST See-Through
  • ELDV

Merit Series

  • LMPV
  • MLDVTCD-35

Merit™ Plus Series

  • MPB
  • MPB35ST See-Through
  • MPD
  • MPD35PF Peninsula
  • MPD35ST See-Through

Superior® Fireplaces


Dave Lennox Signature™ Collection

  • Shoreline™

Elite Series

  • Designer™
  • Ravenna™

Merit Series

  • Firestar™
  • Medina™

Superior Series

  • SDVI™

Gas Stoves

Elite Series

  • Epic™
  • Serefina™
  • Vintage™
  • Vision™

Outdoor Gas Fireplaces

Elite Series

  • EODG™Outdoor Gas Fireplace™

Gas Fireplace Log Sets

  • Shadowdance™
  • VFGL™
  • VFST-27-2

Water Heaters

  • N-063S
  • N-069M
  • N-069M-DV
  • N-084M
  • N-084M-DV
  • N-132M
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