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Don't Forget Your HVAC System in Your Spring Cleaning Chores


As you're gearing up to get your home ready for summer, don't forget to include HVAC spring cleaning on your list. A few simple steps can increase the life of your HVAC system and make it run more efficiently.

HVAC spring cleaning can be divided into tasks you can do yourself and tasks you need a professional to complete. Let's start with what you can do yourself:

  1. Clean or replace your filter. Filters can generally go from one to three months before they need to be cleaned or replaced. Be sure to check yours to see if they're dirty and mark on your calendar when you need to check them again.
  2. Clean your registers and vents.Typically these are the main parts of your HVAC system that are in your main living areas. They tend to collect dust, and floor-level vents may end up with trash, toys, or other small objects in them. Usually, all you need to do to clean your vents and registers is to give them a good vacuuming using your vacuum hose. Dusting with a microfiber cloth works well, too.
  3. Take care of your outside unit.Grass and other plants sprout up in the spring and can restrict the air flow into your outside unit. Clear them away, along with any debris that may have built up. You can also use your vacuum with the brush attachment to clean the outside of your compressor. Use a brush attachment and a light touch to avoid bending your compressor fins.

For cleaning your ducts, condensate drains, and other internal parts of your HVAC system, talk to your HVAC professionals. A routine maintenance check and cleaning can get your system ready for the warm months. Typically, routine maintenance also involves checking electrical connections and the mechanical parts of the system to make sure they're safe and working as they should. Not only does this make your system work more efficiently now, but it also keeps it working for years to come.

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