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Your Home's Attic Safety Should Be a Priority


As you've probably noticed, even the milder weather of the South Bay Peninsula and Santa Cruz can produce dangerously hot temperatures in your attic. While temperature is an important factor in attic safety, there's a lot more to consider if you're planning to do work in the attic.

Minimize Safety Threats

Falls are one of the most common accidents that occur in attics. Check that your attic's floor and walking surfaces are sturdy and free of damage. If they aren't, use planks or plywood sheets to provide stable walking surfaces.

Look out for items that create a tripping hazard or could cause injury. Tie up loose wires and cables, hammer down exposed nails, and mark low beams with red lumber flags or other brightly colored flags. Remove clutter such as scrap lumber and carpeting.

Good lighting is essential for attic safety. If your attic lighting is limited, bring in an electrician's drop light.

Go in Prepared

Protecting yourself from dirt, mold, insulation fibers, pest droppings, and other debris is a major part of attic safety. Wear clothing that covers most of your skin, along with gloves and a cap or other hair covering. A cap protects you from both airborne debris and protruding nails. Choose clothing that's loose enough to let you move comfortably, but that won't get caught on nails or other objects. For optimal protection, wear a disposable coverall.

To keep air contaminants out of your lungs, wear an OSHA-approved dust mask or respirator. Safety glasses or goggles are also a good idea.

If the walking surfaces are unstable, consider using fall protection. A body harness anchored to the attic's ceiling joists is one option.

Climbing up and down the access ladder puts you at risk for falls, so limit the trips you have to make by collecting all your tools and supplies before you head up. Take a flashlight as a backup to your drop light and bottled water to refresh you in the heat.

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