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The Importance of Gas Fireplace Inspections and Maintenance

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The Importance of Gas Fireplace Inspections and Maintenance

A gas fireplace is a great way to create warmth and spread holiday cheer. But regular inspections and maintenance are important. Gas fireplaces, sometimes called gas furnaces, are fairly easy to use when they are in good working condition, but a broken down fireplace can become difficult to operate or even dangerous. Luckily, Valley Heating, Cooling, Electrical and Solar is one of the few HVAC providers in the area that also provides quality gas fireplace services. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of fireplace inspections and maintenance, and remember that for all your home heating needs, you can always count on Valley Heating, Cooling, Electrical and Solar

Three Reasons Why You Need to Have Your Gas Fireplace Serviced by a Professional

  1. Hidden Dangers: While you can probably tell whether your gas fireplace is working on the most basic level, it is more difficult to determine whether there are active hazards going on in the inside. For instance, creosote buildup – that is the dark brown or black coating that forms as a byproduct of smoke and vapor – can linger in your chimney after extended use, creating a potential fire risk. You can also be dealing with hidden obstructions in your chimney such as twigs, leaves and even animal nests. This kind of debris can prevent the natural escape of fire byproducts, which may then back up in your home, exposing you to carbon monoxide or causing a housefire. Our trained professional will be able to easily find and clean these hazards, so you can use your fireplace without worrying about unseen dangers.
  2. Various Damages: A gas fireplace is composed of several different parts and if any of these parts either suddenly or over time become damaged, you could be looking at the complete failure of your whole fireplace. For instance, your fireplace crown ( the downward-sloping overhang at the top of the chimney) can get worn down by the elements, causing rainwater to run inside your chimney and erode it. Meanwhile, if your fireplaceandrsquo;s flue line (the clay, ceramic or metal conduit between the flue and the chimney walls) breaks, embers will start to damage your chimney walls and smoke can start to travel through the openings in your home, exposing you to carbon monoxide. And when the masonry (i.e. brick or other materials) in your fireplaceandrsquo;s chimney go rapidly from hot to cold, cracks can begin to form, causing potential harmful gas exposure or complete fireplace collapse. Bottom line: the older your fireplace, the more likely it is for it to experience damage that only a professional can handle.
  3. Homeowners Insurance Issues: Whether you have recently moved into your home and are not sure how reliable your gas fireplace is or you have lived in the same house for years and want to ensure your old fireplace is not having any major issues, thereandrsquo;s always one good reason to call for a fireplace inspectionandmdash;homeowners insurance. Many homeowners insurance policies require fireplace inspections, without which you may not receive compensation should your fireplace end up causing accidental property damage. Thatandrsquo;s why if you have a gas fireplace, it is essential to have an expert look at it sooner or laterandmdash;both for your current comfort and future peace of mind.
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