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When Is the Best Time to Schedule A/C Maintenance?


California is no stranger to some scorching hot weather and that makes a working air conditioner a necessity rather than a luxury. With how much you depend on your air conditioner, maintenance should be undertaken every year. Maintenance includes a number of upkeep and tune-up services such as checking electrical connections, cleaning out areas that may have become covered with dust and debris and lubricating moving parts to keep them rolling along with minimal interference.

However, this important annual service is often overlooked, largely because people donandrsquo;t know the optimal time to have it done. When and how often you have maintenance, plays an important role in how much it helps your system and how much money it can help you save. On this blog, weandrsquo;ll explain why.

Maintenance Saves You Energy

How does maintenance help you save money? Simple: it helps you save energy and when you save energy, you spend less on your utility bills. The many various services and procedures that are included in a tune-up service are all designed to help your system work at its absolute best. So naturally, the more you run your system, the more regular maintenance is going to help you save money.

Because the average Californian only runs their air conditioner for a certain portion of the year - usually from mid to late-spring until early autumn when the weather starts to cool - that means the best time to have your air conditioner maintained is in early to mid-spring, right before the weather starts to get hot enough to require your air conditioner.

When you have your air conditioner maintained at this time, you not only have it inspected and prepared for the long months, but you also set it up to work smoothly all throughout the warm season. One thing that surprises a lot of homeowners is that the majority of air conditioning issues develop the first time they turn on their system at the start of the season. Because of this, maintenance serves as a sort-of “warm-up routineandrdquo; for your air conditioner before the hot season.

Heating Maintenance

One other common question we receive: if the best time to maintain your air conditioner is in spring, then does that mean the best time to maintain your heater or furnace is in the fall? That would absolutely be correct and for many of the same reasons. Fall is usually a time when the weather is still pleasant enough to the point where most people donandrsquo;t have to turn on their furnace or heat pumps yet - but the colder temperatures are coming quickly. Having your heater maintained at this point gets it ready to go for the moment the weather requires that you flip on your heater. And just like with air conditioning maintenance, youandrsquo;ll enjoy all of the benefits of improved reliability, better energy efficiency, improved system lifespan and significant cost savings all year long.

Should You Schedule Maintenance If Itandrsquo;s Too Late?

While there certainly is an optimal time to schedule maintenance, that doesnandrsquo;t mean you shouldnandrsquo;t have your system maintained if you miss this ideal window. Maintenance can help your HVAC system at literally any time, including if youandrsquo;re in the middle of summer or the dead cold of winter. Youandrsquo;ll see an immediate improvement in energy efficiency and system functionality when the maintenance service is completed and in the long term, youandrsquo;ll see significant savings in your monthly energy costs. Donandrsquo;t hesitate to reach out for an appointment and get your maintenance service completed, even if the warm or cold season has already started.

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