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Start Thinking About Servicing Your AC in Early Spring

Air conditioner in need of service or repair.

With warmer days ahead, homeowners in San Jose are encouraged to shift their attention to their air conditioning systems. Early spring is the golden window for servicing your AC, and Valley Heating, Cooling, Electrical and Solar is here to ensure that your system is in peak condition before the seasonandrsquo;s first heatwave.

Benefits of March and April AC Servicing

AC professional maintenance involves a comprehensive check-up and servicing of your air conditioning system by our certified technicians. This process often includes cleaning filters, checking refrigerant levels, and ensuring all components operate efficiently.

Benefits of scheduling professional maintenance for your AC in early spring include:

  • Scheduling Convenience: Avoid the rush. In the warmer months, HVAC technicians are in high demand. By servicing your AC in the early spring, you can choose a time that suits your busy schedule.
  • System Reliability: The last thing any homeowner wants is to turn on their AC during the first hot day only to find it malfunctioning. Early spring maintenance gives you the peace of mind of knowing your system runs smoothly when you need it most.
  • Improved Air Quality: Over winter, your AC units collect dust and debris, which can hinder their efficiency and contaminate the air in your home. A thorough spring clean will replace or clean filters, leading to healthier air for you and your family.

Read our blog for DIY tips on preparing your cooling system for the summer weather.

What Happens if AC Problems Are Discovered During My Visit?

Scheduling annual maintenance is crucial for extending the lifespan of your AC unit, enhancing its performance, and preventing costly repairs down the line. However, another important reason to schedule annual AC maintenance is to help catch problems as soon as possible and before your system breaks down.

If we uncover repair problems during your AC maintenance, we will:

  • Provide you with a report of the issues we've found
  • Review all of your repair options
  • Discuss whether a replacement is appropriate at this time

Minor AC repairs can frequently be handled on the spot, the same day we are there for maintenance. However, more significant issues may require an additional repair visit.

Circumstances in Which We Might Recommend AC Replacement

At Valley, we always work hard to find viable repair options that will resolve the issue in the long term. That said, there are times when a replacement may be recommended. This typically occurs when the repair issue is significant and costly or when repairs are unlikely to be effective.

We may recommend an AC replacement if:

  • Your unit is at the end of its lifespan (10-15 years, depending on the model)
  • You are likely to experience ongoing energy efficiency issues despite making repairs
  • You are likely to experience ongoing poor performance or need frequent repairs
  • Your AC is causing indoor air quality issues

Review our blog to learn how an old air conditioner may impact indoor air quality.

At Valley, we understand that AC replacements are a significant investment. Our goal is to help you find the right system for your needs and your budget. We will never push you to buy products or services you don't want or which are unlikely to meet your needs. With Valley, your satisfaction is always our priority.

Ready to schedule your seasonal AC maintenance? Give Valley a call at (408) 868-5500 or fill out our online contact form to get started.

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