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Do Solar Panels Damage Your Roof?


When customers are considering switching over to solar, one common question we receive from concerned homeowners is whether or not the process of mounting the panels to the roof will cause damage resulting in leaks or other problems. This is really a misconception. The truth of the matter is that solar, when installed correctly, does not damage your roof or cause any additional damage.

Solar Does Put Holes in Your Roof

It is true that solar does put holes in your roof. Solar installers need to secure mounting hardware to the roof with bolts that extend through the roof and firmly secure the panels to the roofandrsquo;s structure. That way, heavy winds canandrsquo;t lift the panels right off the roof. Our Valley Solar expert installers will put in extra effort to ensure all holes are properly sealed and that all mounting hardware is completely and totally leak-free.

Shoddy work or skipping steps to save time and money is not acceptable to us. The skill and quality of our installation team is the single most influential factor when it comes to the health and condition of your roof.

Skilled Installers Choose Mounting Locations Wisely

Our installers will also do everything they can to make sure they choose mounting installation points wisely so they can avoid having to drill through your roof unless absolutely necessary. We will make sure that all mounting points will be in secure spots, where they can be easily and completely sealed off in order to prevent water from sneaking through.

Mounting Hardware Makes a Difference

Our installation team will also make the right choice for mounting hardware as it is not all the same. When choosing a solar panel system to install, itandrsquo;s important to consider the mounting hardware in addition to overall performance. Good mounting hardware will keep your roof protected and your panels secure. Poor-quality mounting hardware will potentially damage your roof.

For high-quality solar panel systems installed properly, make sure you trust your home to the experts from Valley Heating, Cooling, Electrical and Solar! Call us at (408) 868-5500 or contact us online to receive more information.

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