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Thermostat Batteries: When to Change Them?


Thermostats are a necessary component in the cooling and heating of our homes, so you always want to make sure they're running properly. Part of normal thermostat maintenance includes replacing the batteries when the time comes - but do you know exactly when that is?

The Emergence of Modern Thermostats

Modern thermostats don't simply control the heating and cooling of your home anymore. These days, they do everything from being accessed through a wi-fi connection to providing local weather information. One thing that hasn't changed, however, is the fact that most of them still need batteries to be fully operational.

The "Low Batteryandquot; Warning Light

Knowing when a thermostat's batteries need to be changed is easy because units now come equipped with a "low batteryandquot; indicator light that will tell you it's time for new batteries by flashing on and off. And those without a warning light will emit an intermittent tone.

Changing the Batteries With No Warning

There are times when you might want to replace the batteries in your thermostat even when a light or tone is not telling you to do so. First, at the start of each season, it isn't a bad idea to change the batteries to prevent heating or cooling from being interrupted unexpectedly. Second, if you're going away on business or for pleasure, replacing the batteries before you leave will keep the system running properly.

How to Replace Them

If anything is easier than knowing when to replace the batteries, it's the actual task of switching them out. The battery compartment will be located on either the front, side, or back of the thermostat. You can usually remove it by pushing a tab to the side, though some units will require a screwdriver. From there, pop the old batteries out and stick the new ones in. Viola!

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