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The Benefits of Wi-Fi Detectors

Wi-fi Dectectors

Wi-Fi detectors can help alert you to one of the most expensive household mishaps: leaking and/or frozen water pipes. A water supply line that ruptures from any cause can damage the structure of your home as well as valuable possessions inside it. Plumbing leakage is also a factor in triggering the growth of toxic mold in the house.

The average homeownerandrsquo;s insurance claim for water damage in this country now averages $7,000. The deciding factors in reducing the impact of a water damage incident are early prevention of a pipe rupture and quick response if a leak occurs. Today, technology provides Wi-Fi detectors that address both issues.

Freeze Protection

A frozen pipe ruptures when expanding ice inside the pipe creates damaging pressure. Often, pipes that rupture are exposed but located in areas of the house that arenandrsquo;t conveniently monitored such as the crawl space, basement or inside walls. A Wi-Fi freeze detector incorporates wireless wraparound temperature sensors that can be easily installed on vulnerable pipes and connects to your home network. If pipe temperatures drop into the danger zone, the system sounds an audible alarm and sends you a text or email alert.

Leak Protection

Leakage from a common 1/2-inch water supply line can inundate your home with as much as 50 gallons of water per minute. Quick response when a leak occurs by shutting off the main water valve can avoid a potential water damage disaster and make the incident a minor clean-up issue. Wi-Fi leak detectors are usually located in parts of the house where plumbing leaks may occur such as basements, laundry rooms and the area close to the water heater. The sensor located on the floor detects the presence of water and and sounds the alarm as well as sends you text and email alerts.

To avoid the trauma and expense of water damage from leaking or frozen pipes, ask the professionals at Valley Heating, Cooling Electrical.

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