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Why The Heater is On When System is Set to Cool


As summerandrsquo;s last gasp continues, it may find seem like your HVAC settings are set to heat rather than the cool air you still need. Sometimes the problem is mechanical and requires a pro to fix it. There are some problems you can solve yourself by cleaning a few components.

  • It may be that the air handlerandrsquo;s fan is set to “on.”If it is, it will run nonstop, even when the air conditioner has shut off. As the fan continues to run, the air will get warmer and warmer until the A/C kicks on again. Avoid this situation by setting the fan to “auto.”
  • The outside unit is clogged.Check the condition of the condensing coil in the outside unit. If itandrsquo;s overly dirty, the refrigerant wonandrsquo;t cool as much, and your home will be warmer. Hose off the coil. If the dirt wonandrsquo;t loosen, use coil cleaner found at home improvement centers.
  • Thereandrsquo;s a major leak in the ductwork.Chances are, the ducts run through the attic and when there is a large leak, hot air will enter the ducts and warm your home.

When you experience hot air coming from your A/C in spite of the HVAC settings, itandrsquo;s time to call a pro at Valley Heating, Cooling, Electrical and Solar for help. We provide HVAC, solar and electrical services for Santa Clara County, Silicon Valley and South Bay Peninsula homeowners. To learn more about most HVAC topics, visit our website or call us at (408) 868-5500.

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