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Going Beyond Online Reviews When Buying an Air Conditioner


Searching for air conditioner reviews online has become the first step in the selection process for many homeowners looking for an HVAC contractor and new equipment. While the internet is a solid resource for making some purchase decisions, itandrsquo;s not always entirely reliable for HVAC equipment.

Using the internet to start your search for systems, a contractor, or to learn the fundamentals is a good use of time, but purchasing a system online is often a serious mistake for several reasons.


Anyone can buy a new air conditioner online, but thereandrsquo;s more to it than finding one you like. The most important element of a new HVAC system is sizing it, which is a complex undertaking. HVAC pros use software called Manual J to find the best size for your home rather than going by the square footage of your home or the size of your existing equipment. After finding the exact system size, they use Manual D to calculate the ductwork size and configuration.

The quality of installation affects how air conditioners and HVAC systems perform, something you wonandrsquo;t find in air conditioner reviews online. These systems take at least a day to install and require complicated refrigerant testing throughout the process. The ductwork also needs to be tested for air leakage and airflow for the system to run as efficiently as the manufacturer promises.

Most reputable contractors wonandrsquo;t install a system someone bought online. They donandrsquo;t want to be responsible for product defects inherent in the equipment and they probably wonandrsquo;t be able to honor the warranty.


Use caution with the systems you see online and double-check on the contractors. Verify their licensing with the California Board of Contractors and their reputation with the BBB. Base equipment decisions on what youandrsquo;ve learned and the contractorandrsquo;s recommendations.

Air conditioner reviews do have value but nothing can replace the input from real world experts. To learn more, contact Valley Heating, Cooling, Electrical, serving Santa Clara, Silicon Valley and South Bay Peninsula homeowners. Please visit our website for more HVAC topics or call us at (408) 868-5500.

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