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Prep Your HVAC for Summer


Is it really time for summer HVAC prep already? As the days continue to heat up - and stay hot, the annual ritual of firing up the air conditioning system approaches.

Before you officially switch the thermostat mode from “Heatandrdquo; to “Coolandrdquo; with appropriate fanfare, take some time to ensure your A/C is prepared for the hot months ahead. Summer HVAC prep gets the system ready to deliver maximum cooling comfort at lowest cost and helps reduce excessive component wear.

Hereandrsquo;s what you can do yourself and what should be left to an HVAC pro:


Usually thereandrsquo;s only one air filter in a residential HVAC system, shared by the furnace and air conditioner. Install a clean filter now and change it every month.


If the outside half of your central A/C was covered for the winter, remove the cover before you start the unit. Remove leaves or other debris that might have accumulated in the top fan grille or side panel vents. If weeds or other vegetation are encroaching, trim back to establish a two-foot open space on all sides.


Make sure all supply and return air vents in every room are fully open and unobstructed by objects like furniture or drapes.


Annual air conditioning maintenance should be professionally performed tor each year before the start of daily A/C use. The service includes a list of manufacturer-recommended preventive maintenance procedures to support system efficiency and cooling performance and minimize wear and tear, as well as a comprehensive inspection to detect problems before they become a major malfunction. It also helps keep your warranty in effect. To receive coverage in the event of future repairs, most manufacturers require proof that annual preventive maintenance has been performed on the unit.

For more about the benefits of summer HVAC prep and to schedule annual preventive A/C maintenance, call us at (408) 868-5500 or schedule online at valley

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