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How to Remind Yourself to Change the Air Filter


Changing an air filter is easy — all you need to do is swap your old, dirty filter for a fresh, clean one. The hard part is actually remembering to change it on a regular basis. When dealing with a hectic schedule, itandrsquo;s easy to put something as simple as a filter change on the back burner. Sooner or later, youandrsquo;ll end up completely forgetting about your filter and your HVAC system could end up paying the price for it.

If you donandrsquo;t want to forget about your next air filter change, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Mark your next filter change on your calendar.The next time you look at your calendar, youandrsquo;ll have an easy-to-spot reminder to jog your memory.
  • Set up a recurring alert on your smartphone or tablet.Since you carry your smartphone everywhere you go, youandrsquo;ll always have a reminder no matter where you are. You can also add detailed descriptions to your recurring alerts.
  • Keep a stack of air filters in an easy-to-spot place.Instead of hiding your air filters in a closet or cabinet, keep them someplace where youandrsquo;ll see them on a regular basis. Every time you see them, youandrsquo;ll have a reminder to change your air filter.
  • Pair up your filter changes with another monthly task.Associating your filter changes with something else you do every month, such as paying your utility bill, can help keep your next replacement in mind.
  • Use sticky notes as a creative reminder.Placing a sticky note in a conspicuous spot can help remind you of your upcoming air filter change.

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