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Benefits of Motion-Activated Air Conditioning


It's been a hot summer in Silicon Valley. Running your air conditioning (A/C) all the time is tempting, but it also drives your energy bills up. How do you stay cool and comfortable without wasting a lot of extra energy? Motion-activated smart air conditioners may provide a solution.

How Smart Air Conditioners Work

One way you're wasting energy without your even realizing it is by cooling your entire home at once, even when your family is only occupying one or two rooms at a given time. Everyone's in the dining room having dinner, but the A/C is still sending cold air to the empty bedrooms. A smart A/C uses motion sensors to solve this problem. Aluminum rods embedded in the ceiling can sense when someone walks into a room and when they leave it and send cooling only to the rooms that are occupied.

Smart systems can also save energy when no one is home. Unlike programmable thermostats, which adhere to a strict schedule for turning on or off, smart A/Cs can adjust to unexpected changes in your routine, turning the A/C off automatically whenever they sense that everyone has left the house, then turning it back on once you return.

Other Applications for Smart A/Cs

Motion sensors in your house aren't the only technology that smart air conditioners can employ. Some even sync with your smartphone or other device. You may be familiar with smart thermostats, which can be controlled from your phone, allowing you to turn the A/C on a few minutes before you get home and save energy without walking into an uncomfortably warm house.

Smart A/Cs take things a step further. By connecting directly to your phone's GPS, it senses when you're approaching home and then turns the air on automatically. It can cool the air within two minutes of the signal, to within 0.1 degrees of your desired temperature, to make sure you're comfortable at all times.

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