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Perks of Using a Zoning System


Trying to maintain consistent comfort throughout your home can be frustrating. If you're having difficulty with temperature variations and inconsistent heating and cooling, you should learn more about the perks of a zoning system.


Zoning creates two or more independent areas for heating and cooling using powered ductwork dampers and individual programmable thermostats. These devices and your home's HVAC equipment are connected and controlled through a centrally-situated programmable control panel. When it's properly designed and skillfully and expertly installed, zoning can optimize a home's heating and cooling - and it's ideally suited for:

  • Multi-level homes.Since warm air always rises, creating zones for each level in a multiple story home makes it easier and more efficient to heat and cool each space.
  • Larger homes.It's much less difficult to maintain comfort throughout a home with a lot of square footage when there are individual HVAC zones.
  • Homes with certain characteristics.Switching from single-zone HVAC to multiple zones is beneficial in a home with an unusual layout, numerous large windows or rooms with vaulted ceilings.


For personalized advice about whether zoning is ideal for your home, we invite you to discuss your needs with us.. You'll learn whether your system can be zoned using your existing heating and cooling components, or whether you'll need to install additional units. You'll also discover more about the perks of zoning, like:

  • Greater comfort.When you have multiple zones, you can set different heating and cooling parameters based on occupancy and use, so you'll enjoy customized comfort control.
  • Energy savings. Zoning allows you to fine tune your HVAC equipment use and energy consumption, which can help lower your heating and cooling costs.
  • Reduced equipment wear.Targeted control of your HVAC can reduce strain and wear on the equipment and this lessens the likelihood of breakdowns and premature failures.

To learn if a zoning system can improve comfort and energy efficiency in your home, visit our Valley Heating, Cooling, Electrical and Solar website or give us a call at (408) 868-5500.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in the South Bay Peninsula and Santa Cruz areas of California about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).

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