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Should You Get a Plumbing Upgrade?


The plumbing is a critially important home system that often doesn't get much attention until it starts showing its age. When you know how to spot the early warning signs that problems are developing, you have a chance to get a professional opinion about whether a plumbing upgrade is needed so you avoid the stress and expense of water damage and extensive repairs going forward.


If you can relate to any of these signs that point to problems, you may need a plumbing upgrade soon:

  • Galvanized pipes.Because they've been treated on the outside to resist corrosion, galvanized pipes can still look good even when they're badly rusted inside. If you have frequent piping clogs and/or reduced pressure and flow, your pipes are likely corroded.
  • Mixed pipe materials.Many older homes have had partial piping replacements done. If your galvanized piping system has some copper lines, it may be decaying at a rapid rate. These two metals aren't compatible, so if they're joined without dielectric unions, they'll start to deteriorate faster.
  • Advancing system age.The components found in older home plumbing systems typically have a useful lifespan of about 60 years. If your home is around that age, and you don't know for sure that the piping was updated, you should take the opportunity to replace it before extensive problems develop.
  • Evidence of deterioration.To stay vigilant about the condition of your plumbing pipes, do periodic checks on the ones you can easily access, like those on the water heater, under the sinks, or any lines running through unfinished areas like the garage. Look for dimpling, discoloration or flaking of the metal, and dry or fresh water stains nearby. Other signs that your pipes are in a state of decay include seeing orange-brown discolored water coming from your faucets, and an increase in minor leaks that need repair.

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