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How "Smart" Are Smart HVAC Systems?


Smart technology is increasingly being adapted to HVAC systems. It's not unusual now for homeowners to operate heating, ventilation, air conditioner and humidity-controlling appliances by remote control from a smart phone or laptop. So is a smart HVAC system worth the expense? Read on for why it might be.

Why Install a Smart HVAC System?

Maybe you think an HVAC system already costs enough and you're wary of adding smart technology to the mix, despite the convenience of operating the system remotely.

But while convenience is important, the main reason to install smart technology is that it makes your system work more efficiently. For instance, programming a thermostat at 72 degrees, which might seem quite efficient, can cause the HVAC system to labor and fall short of cooling or heating the entire home adequately. Smart technology can help the HVAC attain temperature set points efficiently and throughout the home, taking the strain off the equipment.

Energy-Saving Smart Technology

Some of the new HVAC technology that might lower your utility bills significantly:

  1. Scrolling compressor and variable speed blower, which, when integrated with indoor and outdoor control boards and a programmable thermostat, can share systemwide information and provide superior performance.
  2. Air conditioner thermostatic expansion valve, which uses pressure and temperature sensors to operate a diaphragm metering refrigerant flow. The valve allows more efficient use of refrigerant.
  3. Two-stage furnacethat does away with temperature swings by operating most of the time at low stage, emitting gentle heating, and then stepping up to the higher stage occasionally to boost the heat as needed. Two-stage furnaces with smart features can be set on self-learning mode to regulate between the two stages.
  4. Climate control systemsthat regulate much more than a thermostat does: in addition to temperature, they also regulate humidity, ventilation, airflow, indoor air quality and zoning.
  5. Smart ventilation systems that run several fans throughout the home through a master control, precisely dispensing only the amount of fresh air needed.

Are you curious about saving energy with a smart HVAC system? Contact Valley Heating, Cooling, Electrical. We serve South Bay Peninsula and Santa Cruz.

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