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Maintenance Considerations Before Leaving on Winter Vacation


If youandrsquo;re visiting loved ones for the holidays or taking a trip abroad this winter, take steps to make sure your HVAC system is prepared before you leave. This helps lower the risk of having it break down when youandrsquo;re gone or shortly after you come back. Keep these vacation maintenance tips in mind for your HVAC system.

Lower Your Thermostat

Even though youandrsquo;ll be away from home, you donandrsquo;t need to leave your heating system off entirely. While frozen pipes that could cause water damage arenandrsquo;t much of a concern in the South Bay Peninsula and Santa Cruz area, making sure your home is comfortably heated when youandrsquo;re gone might provide some peace of mind. Set your thermostat to 60 degrees Fahrenheit rather than shutting it off.

Change the Filter

Remove your current HVAC filter and put in a new one before heading out on vacation. This ensures that you have a clean filter in place, which helps your heating system operate more efficiently. It also lowers the amount of dust and other air pollutants that get inside your home through your ducts and vents.

Get a Surge Protector

Having a surge protector lowers the risk of HVAC damage that could occur if your home loses power when youandrsquo;re gone. When power comes back on, it can cause sudden surges of power that could hurt your HVAC system.

Get Rid of Debris Around Outside Units

Vegetation, such as weeds and branches, can restrict airflow around your outside unit. This results in more wear and tear on your system, which can damage the compressor. Make sure that there is nothing piled up or growing near your unit.

Set Up Routine Maintenance

Schedule vacation maintenance on your HVAC system before leaving. A technician can check your entire system and take care of any issues that could affect it. HVAC maintenance helps keep your system in great condition, which makes it less likely to break down.

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