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No-cost ways to make the most of your AC

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No-Cost Ways to Save on Your Comfort This Summer

Home comfort systems are well known for being any propertyandrsquo;s most significant power draw. When the summer heat sets in, it is plain to see on your monthly utility bills just how much you are spending to keep your home comfy and cool. Fortunately, there are things you can do to help offset this expense without having to spend a dime!

Keep the outdoor condenser unit clean

Being outside and exposed to the elements can mean that your condenser unit will begin to collect more than its fair share of dirt, dust and debris. If there are kids around, they may have even used it as a table or a place to store their toys. All of this can keep your system from performing optimally and can even result in long-term damage over time. Taking a few minutes to gently sweep away any debris on or around the unit and trim back any foliage that may be growing too near can make a huge difference.

Keep your indoor vents clean and clear of obstruction

When there are toys, rugs, furniture or even just an excess of dust blocking your indoor vents, it causes your system to have to work harder than it should. This inefficiency is not only costing you money on a monthly basis, but the imbalance of air pressure can eventually start causing problems throughout your system. Instead, you can work a quick clean into your weekly schedule and take a moment to ensure that none of your vents are being blocked. As a bonus, this can also be very helpful for keeping the air you breathe nice and clean.

Clean your air filter

The easiest chores to do are also often the easiest ones to forget. If you only implement a single one of these suggestions into your daily routine, it should probably be this one: keep the air filter clean. Ensuring that the filter is clean means that air can flow through properly, keeping everything moving as it should. When the filter is stopped up, it will force the system to work harder in order to push air through the clogged filter. Furthermore, a dirty filter is not able to perform its intended function of removing debris from the air that you breathe. Keeping this filter clean means cleaner air! It is also worth noting that a clogged air filter poses a fire risk that is easy to avoid. Most air filters are designed to be changed out around once a month, but the increase of HVAC use during the summer can mean that you may need it more frequently. Ask our HVAC technician for advice if you are uncertain - and set alarms to keep to the schedule!

Put that programmable thermostat to work

If you have a programmable thermostat, you have a way to enjoy major savings on your cooling bills. You can program your system to keep your home a few degrees warmer than you might like during times when you know you will not be home, then make sure it is cool and comfy when you return. The cumulative savings is remarkable plus there is the added benefit of putting less strain on your system and extending its lifespan.

Take advantage of cool breezes when you can

When the heat is at its peak and the AC is going strong, your house should be locked up tight to make sure youandrsquo;re not trying to cool off the rest of your neighborhood. However, if you notice that the air has cooled off in the evenings or early mornings, it is often a good idea to take advantage of it. Give your system a chance to rest and open those doors and windows. Not only is a cool breeze always a pleasant way to start or end the day, it also helps improve your indoor air quality by helping bring in fresh air while pushing stale air out.

Keep curtains and blinds closed

If your AC is working hard to keep the house cool, it does not make much sense to have those curtains thrown wide open to let in that burning sunshine. Instead, block out as much of the light as you can, particularly during the worst heat of the day. There are even specially-designed blackout curtains which keep light – and unwelcome heat – out as much as possible.

Make sure your ceiling fan is spinning the right way

Ceiling fans are much cheaper to operate than your AC system. Because they keep the air moving, they give you the option to set your thermostat several degrees higher while maintaining comfort. It is important, however, to ensure that your fan is moving in the correct direction. The blades should be moving counterclockwise in order to pull hot air up and away from the ground.

Avoid the use of appliances that produce heat

When you use appliances, particularly those like dryers and ovens which produce a great deal of heat, it can make it even harder for your AC system to keep the house cool. Rather than trying to pit your appliances against one another, you may be able to make simple changes to your chore schedule to ensure that these appliances are not being used during especially warm parts of the day.

With just a few simple measures, you have the ability to keep your system working efficiently and reliably all summer long. Learn more when you call us at (408) 868-5500 today!