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Should I Replace My Air Conditioner During Winter?

Winter AC

Do you need a new air conditioner? If your air conditioner has been giving you trouble for quite some time, you may be considering retiring it and replacing it with a new one. If you have to call for a repair more than once a year, then this is a good indication that itandrsquo;s time. However, if itandrsquo;s the middle of winter, you may be thinking that itandrsquo;s not possible or simply not advisable to have to worry about your air conditioner.

Just because itandrsquo;s not air conditioning season doesnandrsquo;t mean you shouldnandrsquo;t be thinking about your air conditioner. Especially in California, where air conditioning season could run all year long, winter is a great time to have your air conditioner replaced. There are a number of perks to doing so and they could make your air conditioner replacement service easier, faster and more affordable than it would be if you wait to replace it during the height of the warm season.

Here are four popular reasons to replace your air conditioner during the winter months.

Always Think One Season Ahead

As a homeowner, you should always be thinking at least one season ahead when it comes to your HVAC equipment. In California, spring can mean some pretty warm temperatures as the chill of winter quickly melts away and makes way for our lengthy warm season. That means winter is the ideal time to start thinking about your air conditioner. When you prepare in advance, you enjoy a home thatandrsquo;s ready for warm temperatures and wonandrsquo;t hit you with any nasty surprises when you fire up your cooling system for the first time.

Open Availability

During the peak of summer, replacing your air conditioner may not be a quick process. Most air conditioning companies are working full-tilt during the first few weeks of the warm season because this is when many homeowners discover that their air conditioner needs to be replaced. As a result, appointments fill up quickly and immediate help may not be accessible. If you wait this long, you may be waiting several days or even a week or more before someone can come to your home and replace your air conditioner. By replacing during non-peak season, odds are youandrsquo;ll be competing with almost nobody for appointment slots. That means youandrsquo;ll have your choice of appointment availability and your project will be able to begin almost as soon as your replacement system arrives from the distributor.

Sales and Specials

Air conditioning companies need to stay busy all year long, but the nature of the business is extraordinarily weather-dependent and seasonal. Thus, when the temperatures cool off and fewer home owners need air conditioning services, many companies will offer specials and discounts. In some cases, this comes in the form of a discount on labor. In other cases, a manufacturer may offer a special deal on particular models. Sometimes, both of these groups work together to clear out inventory space for the new models that are hitting the market. This means you could score an incredible deal on having your air conditioner replaced simply because you took care of it when the season is normally slow.

Minimal Impact on Comfort

Replacing your air conditioner means you wonandrsquo;t be able to use it while your replacement service is underway. If you have your air conditioner replaced in the middle of one of the hottest weeks of summer, youandrsquo;re going to have to deal with an unbearably hot home as well. Odds are, youandrsquo;re probably going to be spending a good chunk of time doing anything other than staying at home in the process. Having your air conditioner replaced during winter means you probably arenandrsquo;t going to need your air conditioner at that time. Your replacement will happen without any impact to your home comfort and the job will be competed faster and easier. This is by far the most stress-free way to do it.

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