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Tips for Energy Savings in Late Spring


Spring is the perfect time to be thinking of boosting summer savings on your utility bill. Temperatures are not yet as warm as they will be, and you are probably still keeping your windows open and enjoying the breezes.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration is predicting that electricity will cost more this summer than in 2017. This, coupled with the fact that summer weather is expected to be warmer than last year, means you'll be paying more for electricity in 2018, unless you initiate summer energy savings.

So here are some tips for saving money on your bill this summer.

Best Summer Savings Practices

1. Change your filter.A clean air filter can help save money on your energy bill. Air flows better when the filter is clean, so your system doesn't have to work as hard. A clean filter also keeps dirt out of the system, thereby ensuring that friction between parts is reduced and machinery just works more efficiently.

2. Install ceiling fans. Ceiling fans boost your budget by reducing the amount of cooling (or heating) you need. The blades circulate cool air so you feel fine with the thermostat a little higher. In winter, you can reverse the blades and they push down heat from the ceiling.

3. Repair leaks in ducts.Over the years ducts may develop leaks when they come apart or crack. Unconditioned air in the attic or basement may enter through the holes, allowing dirt and moisture in the home as well. These breaches also allow your conditioned air to leak out, causing your A/C to work harder than it should to reach thermostat set points.

4. Cover windows. Keep solar radiation out of the home by closing drapes or shades on east-facing windows in the morning and on the west in the evening or afternoon.

5. Use the microwave. Instead of cooking on top of the stove or in the oven, use the microwave whenever possible. Boil water in an electric kettle.

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