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How to Upgrade Your Bathroom Ventilation

Bathroom Ventilation

Your bathroom is due for an upgrade. Better ventilation, to prevent the growing of mildew, is just one consideration. It can be an extensive - and expensive - task. What do you need to know before you start bathroom renovations? Here are a few tips:

  • Consider Plumbing and Electrical First.Before you start planning out what you want to do, it's important to know what you can do. Your pipes and electrical wiring are difficult to move, so plan your design around them, or be prepared for a significant cost and effort in rearranging them. Either way, it's better to know upfront, rather than being surprised by a road block once you've already made your design choices.
  • Know your budget.This goes hand in hand with the previous step. How much do you have to spend on bathroom renovations, including HVAC? What can you get done for that amount? Know in advance what everything will cost and whether or not you can afford it, so there are no surprises later.
  • Think about ventilation.Good ventilation is essential in any bathroom, yet it often goes overlooked. Unless air can flow freely to and from the room, the moisture buildup can become a serious health hazard over time. If your bathroom isn't already connected to your home's existing ductwork, you'll need to make arrangements to do that and budget it into the project's costs.
  • Consider calling an expert.You may decide to make this endeavor a DIY project, doing all the work by yourself. There's nothing wrong with that, provided that you know exactly what you're doing. If all you're doing is a little repainting and retiling, you're probably fine. But if the job includes a complete overhaul of your ductwork, you may want to give serious consideration before attempting it. Even if you have the capability, it's likely that a professional will be able to do the job better and faster, with less hassle.

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