Why Winter is Ideal for A/C Replacement

Why Winter is Ideal for A/C Replacement

Keeping your home comfortable during a South Bay Peninsula and Santa Cruz summer requires an efficient and reliable air conditioner. If your A/C is aging, it needed multiple repairs recently and you're concerned whether it can last another season, you don't have to wait until spring to replace it. There are lots of good reasons to schedule your A/C replacement this winter, including:


Once the hectic cooling season ends, HVAC contractors aren't as busy performing maintenance, making repairs and installing new heat pumps and air conditioners. Scheduling your replacement now gives you an opportunity to get ahead of next season's rush so you don't have to wait for an available installation date. You can also pick a convenient time that meshes with your routine and commitments.


When you have your A/C installed over the winter, it will be ready to go to work when the weather warms up in the spring. This gives you the benefit of running efficient new equipment all season, so you reap the maximum energy and cost savings.


During the winter when business is slower, many local HVAC contractors offer deals and discounts for customers who book their cooling system installations. This can give you a lower upfront cost, so you save even more.


If you put off a replacement until next year, and your A/C fails, you'll have little time to comparison shop for new equipment. By planning your installation now, you can leisurely investigate worthwhile features and options, like smart controls, variable-speed air handlers and two-stage compressors. You can also compare SEER ratings to accurately weigh energy savings vs. upfront cost.


Avoiding a mid-summer emergency A/C replacement next year by scheduling your installation now also means you won't have to face the discomfort, inconvenience and stress of being without cooling at the height of the season.

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