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Your A/C System is Dying

Dead AC System

Generally speaking, an A/C system will give certain signs that itandrsquo;s nearing the end of its service life. Like any mechanical component, wear and tear eventually take their toll and replacement becomes inevitable. Not only are individual components of the A/C system worn beyond specs, but the unit as a whole may now be so inefficient that the cost of continued operation exceeds the expense of upgrading. How will you know if your air conditioner is approaching that point? Look for these signs that the end is near:

  • Many repair calls.Are you scheduling a lot of service calls with your HVAC contractor just to stay ahead of breakdowns? As in most mechanical devices, components of an air conditioner are designed and engineered to have similar service life expectancy. Once multiple parts start failing in succession, thatandrsquo;s a sign that the unit may have reached the tipping point and system replacement is required.
  • Declining performance.If your air conditioner runs longer and longer cycles just to keep the house at a consistent temperature, system wear and tear may have advanced to the stage where acceptable cooling performance can no longer be restored by minor repairs or part replacements.
  • Increasing energy consumption.If your electricity bill seems to be getting higher and higher during the cooling season, an air conditioner thatandrsquo;s past its prime may be the cause. As components like the compressor age, energy efficiency declines and the system may use more and more electricity. This problem will only get worse. Cutting your losses and upgrading ASAP may be advisable.
  • Major component failures.Certain repairs are deal-breakers for an old air conditioner. Replacing a failing compressor — the most costly component in the system — is usually not worth it once the unit is more than halfway through its expected service life. Upgrading to a new system gives you improved cooling performance and greater energy efficiency for lower monthly operating costs.

If you suspect your A/C system may be dying, in the South Bay Peninsula and Santa Cruz contact the professionals at Valley Heating, Cooling, Electrical for a complete evaluation.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in the South Bay Peninsula and Santa Cruz areas of California about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).

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