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Tips For Efficient Heat Pump Usage During The Winter Season


By running your heat pump efficiently, you will keep your home warm for your family while also keeping your electric bills at a reasonable amount. Follow these tips when heating your home this winter:

Set Your Heat Pump Manually To One Temperature Then Leave It Be

The most efficient way to use your homeandrsquo;s heat pump is to manually set it at one temperature and then leave it alone to keep heating your home. If you constantly change the temperature throughout the day, the heat pump will need to work harder to keep heated air flowing. If you are used to heating with a forced-air furnace, then you will soon discover that you need to set your heat pumpandrsquo;s temperature up a few degrees in order to reach the same ambient temperature in your home.

Point The Airflow Towards The Floor And Use The High Setting

When heating your home with a heat pump, it is important to direct the airflow from your vents towards the floor. Since heat rises, aiming the warm air towards the floor gives it a better and longer chance of heating your space than air that is directed towards the ceiling. Additionally, you should always use the “highandrdquo; setting on the blower motor for your heat pump so that the most heated air possible is blown into your living space. High airflow will best utilize the heat generated from the heat pump and will save energy over using a lower setting that will require more heat be generated to heat the same amount of space.

Replace Your Heat Pumpandrsquo;s Filter Frequently Throughout The Winter Season

Finally, it is vital to the function of your heat pump that you keep its filter clean. While you may be tempted to stretch out the time between your filter replacements to save some money, in the end you will save more on electricity if you replace the filter more frequently. In a home without pets, you should replace your heat pump filter each month during the winter heating season. If you have pets in your home, then you should replace the filter twice per month.

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