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Helpful Tips for Handling a Pressuring Salesperson

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When you're shopping for HVAC equipment or services in the South Bay Peninsula and Santa Cruz area, you might come across a contractor who uses high-pressure sales tactics. Reputable HVAC contractors don't use these tactics — they focus on customer satisfaction and service, because their goal is creating a long-term relationship rather than making a quick sale. Here's how to respond to a pressuring salesperson:

Don't Make a Decision When You're Under Stress

If you've just learned your HVAC system has a serious safety issue that needs immediate repair or a component has failed, you're more likely to fold under pressure and make a uninformed decision. If you're feeling worried or stressed, take the time to calm down and collect your thoughts so you can make a wise choice.

Don't Fall for a Short-Term Price Reduction

If you're quoted a high price for service or equipment, then offered a substantial discount that's only good for a short period of time, be wary. A pressuring salesperson uses this type of tactic so you can't comparison shop. If you did, you'd likely discover that the discounted price isn't a deal at all.

Beware of a Steep Cash Discount

HVAC "contractorsandquot; who want you to pay cash have something to hide. Maybe they're doing unauthorized work on the side, or they want to avoid paying creditors or taxes. Taking the bait might save you a few dollars, but you'll end up spending more if a service isn't performed properly or your equipment isn't correctly installed and has no manufacturer's warranty.

Don't Let Excuses Sway You

A crafty salesperson may use some creative excuses to pile on the pressure. Perhaps the company's technicians are booked way ahead, but they've had an unexpected cancellation this week. Or, maybe they have very limited stock of the capacity and type of equipment you're after, and it's on backorder from the manufacturer. Rather than giving in to this type of tactic, say thank you and move on a reputable contractor.

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