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Control Household Mold Growth with UV Germicidal Lights


Mold can cause serious health issues and considerable damage to your South Bay Peninsula or Santa Cruz home. If you have a mold problem that cleaning alone canandrsquo;t resolve, you may want to consider installing UV germicidal lights in your HVAC system.

Mold thrives under damp conditions and can destroy organic materials, such as wood and paper products. To keep your home healthy and safe, you need to rid yourself of any mold issue.

How UV Germicidal Lights Work

These specialty lights emit radiation thatandrsquo;s invisible to the human eye. Although not as powerful, theyandrsquo;re in the same light category as gamma rays and x-rays. When this light penetrates mold, it destroys its DNA, sterilizing any mold spores.

Where Should These Lights Be Installed?

Most of the air in your home passes through your HVAC system, so it makes sense for a professional to install UV lights in your ductwork and blower system. This will ensure mold spores that enter your HVAC system are sterilized and the air you breathe isnandrsquo;t contaminated with mold. This also means mold spores wonandrsquo;t travel through your home and grow elsewhere.

UV Germicidal Light Safety

When installed and used properly, these lights are safe to use in your home. Since these lights can damage your eyes, you should never look directly into them, especially if youandrsquo;re not wearing protective eye wear. As with any electrical light source, these lights can generate heat, so they mustnandrsquo;t be installed near anything that can easily catch on fire. UV light installation is best left to a professional.

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