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Four Reasons California Is One of the Best Places for Solar Energy

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Itandrsquo;s no secret that Valley Heating, Cooling, Electrical and Solar is all-in on solar power. Not only is this technology a cutting edge way for people to improve their homes while doing something good for the planet, it also makes more sense than ever if you live here, in the great state of California. And while solar initiatives and regulations are always changing, in many ways, California is the best place in the nation – if not the world – to install solar panels.

Why Install Solar Panels in California?

  1. The Sunshine: California is known for being sunny. Solar panels are a great investment for homeowners across the country, even in states that do not get as much sun. But here in California, where the sun is often shining, they are an especially smart upgrade. It all goes back to return on investment, or ROI. On average, it currently takes American homeowners eight years to see a return on investment for going solarandmdash;or to put it another way, it takes eight years for them to recoup the cost of solar installation in energy savings. However, given the rapid advances in technology and the sheer amount of sun we get in California, it is very likely that homeowners in this state can see a full ROI in even less time.
  2. The California Solar Initiative: many states have some incentives for switching to solar, but California has a particularly wide-range of incentives designed to make it easy for property owners to upgrade to solar. Thanks to the California Solar Initiative, or CSI, solar users are eligible for the Net Energy Metering Program, or NEM. This program is designed to provide financial credit for customer-generated power fed back to the electric grid. Thereandrsquo;s also the Single-Family Solar Affordable Housing or SASH Program, which provides solar incentives for single-family, low-income housing and the Multifamily Affordable Solar Housing (MASH) Program, which does the same thing for multi-family low-income housing. And finally, there is the CSI-Thermal Program and CSI Thermal Low-Income Program, which offer commercial and residential properties, including low-income housing units, a range of incentives for solar water heating and other thermal technologies.
  3. The Tradable Renewable Energy Credit: a lot has been written about Solar Renewable Energy Credits and Certificates, or SERCs. These incentives allow homeowners and small-businesses owners to sell certificates awarded for producing renewable energy to their utility provider.While California does not currently have an SREC market, the state does have a Tradable Renewable Energy Credit, or TREC. This allows home owners and aggregators to obtain payments from the California Public Utilities Commission.
  4. The Federal Tax Incentive: on top of state incentives, now is the perfect time for California residents to also take advantage of the Federal Tax Incentive for solar energy. Currently, the federal government offers individual home owners tax incentives for installing qualified energy-efficiency improvements in their houses, including solar panel systems. However, these incentives decrease every year and are currently set to expire in 2022. What incentives will or will not exist after that are unknown, but regardless, now is the right time to use federal and state incentives to maximize your savings on solar installation.

Whatandrsquo;s Going on at Valley Heating, Cooling, Electrical and Solar in November?

This November, Valley Heating, Cooling, Electrical and Solar is giving thanks. From celebrating almost 60 years in business, to our loyal customer base, to our range of cutting-edge products and special deals, weandrsquo;ve certainly have a lot for which to be grateful and we want to share it with you. Contact us now to see how you can take advantage of current California incentives on solar power. And thank you for being our customer!

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