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Correcting Five Common Solar Myths

Roof  with Solar Panel

As with any technology, there are a myths and bits of misinformation about solar power that can result in a lack of interest in switching or hesitancy in making the investment. If you find yourself confused or would like more information about solar topics, this blog is for you. Here are five common solar myths and the truth about a number of concepts that they cover.

Myth #1: Solar Is Expensive

We hear this one quite and it is important to know the full extent of the solar landscape. Solar is actually remarkably affordable thanks to a massive number of available rebates, incentives, tax credits and other financial perks that bring the overall investment cost down. By installing solar, youandrsquo;ll qualify for a number of additional perks, including the Federal Investment Tax Credit - and that puts a lot of money back into your pocket through tax savings. All of this combined helps create a scenario where, after a while, solar literally pays for itself.

Myth #2: Solar Doesnandrsquo;t Save You Any Money

There may be some who believe that solar is an investment that doesnandrsquo;t lower their bills and save them any money. That logic may be because you have to make a payment on your solar energy system and your actual monthly expenditures donandrsquo;t decrease, even though your electric bill may be lower. This can be far from the case.

During your initial consultation with one of our solar experts, we may ask you about your electric bills for the past year. We do this to analyze your usage patterns and determine how much power you need and how much it would cost to build a solar system that supplies it. From there, we determine how much that would cost per month in financing and compare it to your current electric bill. In an overwhelming majority of the time, we can save you money. In turn, the savings help pay for the initial investment in your solar energy system, creating that same situation we mentioned previously where solar quite literally pays for itself.

Myth #3: Solar Is High-Maintenance

It may be a concern that solar is not an easy addition to your home and that it requires considerable maintenance and upkeep to continue operating efficiently. This is far from true. When planning your project, we carefully choose your installation location so it can receive maximum sun exposure throughout the day for optimal energy collection. From there, we select panels that are constructed by world-renowned manufacturers from premium materials. All of these components, including inverters and the panels themselves, have undergone extensive testing in the harshest and most extreme environments to ensure they not only operate, but do so with minimal efficiency loss. Solar is actually remarkably low-maintenance and can operate autonomously for years with little to no attention or upkeep whatsoever.

Myth #4: The Solar Market Is Unsustainable

Renewable energy is one of the fastest growing industries in the country and it is widely regarded as some of the most sustainable growth in the economy, as well. In other words, solar isnandrsquo;t going anywhere - and neither are we. Weandrsquo;ll be here to help you enjoy your solar energy system to the fullest from the day it is first installed to well into the future.

Myth #5: Solar Isnandrsquo;t an Emergency Power Source

You may have read somewhere that solar canandrsquo;t be used as a source of emergency power. Under some circumstances this is trueandmdash;if your solar energy system is connected to the public grid via a bidirectional electric meter, then your power does shut off in the event of an outage. However, it doesnandrsquo;t have to be the case because many modern meters have the ability to “islandandrdquo; your property off from the main grid during an outage, making it entirely self-sustained without any connection to the public grid. At this point, your solar system can turn back on, providing your home with energy. When the power comes back on, you can restore this grid connection and go back to life as usual. However, you must have one of these meters in order to use the emergency power capabilities of solar. We recommend making it clear during your initial consultation if this is an option about which you would like to learn more.

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