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Is More Than One Water Heater Needed for Your Home?


There's nothing like stepping into a hot shower on a cold morning — until the hot water abruptly turns cold. If this happens to you too often, it may be time to consider getting more than one water heater.

Unfortunately, for most homeowners, multiple traditional hot water heaters aren't an option. A storage water heater includes a large tank that holds water and keeps it hot until it is needed. They can only be installed in specific locations.

In fact, location is part of the problem. If your hot water heater is across the house, it's going to take a while to get hot water to your point of demand. The amount of hot water available is also limited by the size of the tank.


The answer to these problems comes in the form of tankless water heaters. Unlike traditional "tankandquot; models, tankless heaters are relatively small and are installed on a wall along the course of the water pipe. Because of their size, it's easy to install them in attics, basements, or crawlspaces instead of having to have a specific space set aside for them.

Here's how tankless water heaters work:

  1. The hot water tap is turned on somewhere in the house.
  2. As water makes its way to the point of demand, it flows through the tankless heater.
  3. Water is heated as it flows through.

As a result of this process, tankless heaters only heat as much water as is needed. This saves energy over the traditional models that have to keep large amounts of water hot all the time.


Tankless heaters have another advantage over traditional models. Because they can be installed in so many more places than a "tankandquot; heater, it's possible to have one near each point of demand in your home. This allows hot water to get to each point faster than if it has to travel across the house or between different floors.

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