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Electrical FAQs: Do You Need an Electrical Subpanel?

electrical subpanel

Determining if Your Project Requires a Subpanel Can Be Tough

Do you need an electrical subpanel installed in your home? If youandrsquo;ve been considering kitchen remodeling, adding a room or doing any other project requiring a significant amount of additional electricity or circuits, then an electrical subpanel might be right for you.

But what is an electrical subpanel - and why do you need one? This blog post will give you the answers.

What Is an Electrical Subpanel?

An electrical subpanel is essentially a smaller version of your main panel. For example, if youandrsquo;re remodeling your kitchen, adding a new bathroom or bedroom or making any other additions to your home that may require extra electricity, installing a subpanel can help provide the necessary power without overloading the main circuit panel.

How Does It Work?

Your main panel is what supplies power to all of the circuits in your house. The amps available in the main panel determine how much power can be used at once and also how many circuits can be supported. A subpanel is connected to your main panel with a double-pole breaker, through which your main panel provides the subpanel with the power it needs to run those additional circuits.

In order to install a subpanel, your main electrical service panel must have enough capacity to support the subpanel.

If your main panel is less than 200 amps, you will likely have to upgrade it before installing a subpanel. Subpanels are usually sized based on the nature of the project for which they are needed – 60 amps for small projects like lighting upgrades, 100 amps for single-room remodels and 150 amps for larger jobs like whole-house rewiring or major home additions.

When considering subpanel installations, you should consult with Valley Heating, Cooling, Electrical and Solar's experienced, master electricians. We can inspect your electrical system and identify whether you need a subpanel for your project and if your current system has the capacity for a subpanel installation.

Why You Might Want to Consider Installing a Subpanel During a Home Remodel

Electrical subpanels are installed for a variety of reasons. Mainly, it allows them to add additional circuits when the circuits on their main panel are all in use. This is especially important in large remodeling or renovation projects or when you are bringing power to a new structure or area of your property. It also gives you greater overall control of your electrical system.

By connecting the main electrical panel to a subpanel, homeowners can manage their energy use more efficiently since it allows for more dedicated power in certain areas. Adding a subpanel also allows homeowners to safely manage the extra load created by the improvements they are making while also functionally protecting other existing wiring circuits throughout a given space. This can go a long way in preventing circumstances such as circuit overloads and even dangerous electrical fires.

Considering a Subpanel Installation? Call Valley.

If you are looking into upgrading or expanding your home, then an electrical subpanel could be just what you need. Be sure to check with our experienced electricians first and always think twice before attempting any DIY installations. At Valley, we believe safety should always come first and the only way to ensure a safe subpanel installation is through working with a licensed, insured and bonded electrician.

We have years of experience working with homeowners on all types of residential electrical projects - contact us today for more information about how we can help make your next project a success!