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Lighting Installation: Why You Should Hire an Electrician

glowing fancy circular light fixture on ceiling

Don't Take Risks with Your Wiring

According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFi), there are approximately 51,000 home electrical fires every year. These fires lead to 500 deaths, over 1,400 injuries and $1.3 billion worth of property damage, nationwide. Arcing faults alone account for 28,000 fires. Arcing faults occur when a home's electrical system has loose connections or faulty wiring.

Unfortunately, bad wiring and mistakes when making electrical installations can very easily result in a fire or serious injury. Because of this, we always recommend working with one of our licensed electricians whenever work is needed on an electrical system, including installing new lighting fixtures. At Valley Heating, Cooling, Electrical and Solar, we always put safety first and our electricians have the experience to ensure your lighting installation goes smoothly.

How an Electrician Can Help You

Installing a lighting fixture is much more complicated than plugging in a new light. Behind the beautiful light you see on the surface is a complicated wiring system. Additionally, because many light fixtures are heavy and must be installed in ceilings or high up on walls, holding the new light in place and ensuring it is securely mounted can be challenging. These larger fixtures also often require special hardware and equipment to install.

The benefits of working with an electrician for your lighting installation:

  • Ensures that your new light is safely installed
  • Ensures that all wiring is installed correctly, thereby reducing the chances of an electrical fire
  • The new lighting fixture will be securely mounted
  • The electrician will have the special hardware and equipment needed for specialty light fixtures
  • Hanging lights will be installed at the correct distance for proper illumination
  • Lights will be hooked up to the right switches
  • Lights will be installed on the correct circuits, helping to prevent circuit overloads
  • The installation will be up to code

Protect Your Lighting Fixture's Warranty

Another thing to consider is that when lighting is installed by a licensed electrician, the new fixture's warranty will be protected. Many light fixtures, especially larger and expensive ones like chandeliers, come with valuable warranties. And it is not uncommon that a DIY installation renders the warranty void. If you are spending thousands of dollars on a new light fixture, you want to ensure the warranty is valid and available to you for as long as possible.

Do You Need an Electrician to Install Recessed Lighting?

Yes, you should always have a licensed electrician install recessed lighting in your home. Like any lighting fixture, recessed lighting must be hooked into your current electrical system. Sometimes, you will also need to extend your existing electrical system to accommodate the new recessed lighting. Failure to install recessed lighting correctly can result in electrical fires, electric shock and other dangerous hazards.

It is also important to note that because recessed lighting is installed in a can inside your ceiling, it is important to be mounted correctly to avoid overheating. Overheating of the recessed lighting may cause your ceiling's insulation to ignite, leading to a serious fire. Most recessed lighting has a double can, with the second can creating a cooling air gap that protects both the lighting fixture and your insulation.

What's Happening at Valley in June

Here at Valley, we are enjoying the last few days of spring and looking forward to summer BBQs and pool parties. With fun in the sun on our minds, we have also been thinking about what it means to be a good candidate for solar. We realize that one thing holding many back from installing a solar PV system is the uncertainty if solar is right for them. Therefore, this month, we have dedicated a whole blog to understanding what it means to be a good candidate for a solar PV system and what you can do to maximize the output of your system once it is installed.

We are also anticipating the rush of air conditioning (AC) repair calls we get at this time of the year. As the weather heats up, many of us are turning on our cooling systems for the first time this year. Unless your system was recently serviced, your AC might struggle to get back up and running. You may also experience a surprise breakdown. In the blog, we go over five of the most common AC repair calls and how you can troubleshoot them at home.

The Valley blog is a great place to learn about the different systems in your home. Meanwhile, our seasoned team of electricians, HVAC technicians and solar experts are always just a phone call away.

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