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The Benefits of Dual-Fuel Systems

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What Are Dual-Fuel Home Comfort Systems?

A dual-fuel home comfort system is a type of HVAC system that alternates between an electric heat pump and a gas furnace to maximize both comfort and energy efficiency. Dual-fuel systems work year-round to provide both heating and cooling services. During the summer months, the heat pump works to provide efficient, effective cooling throughout your home.

The heat pump also provides heating during the spring and fall. As long as the temperatures outside are 35anddeg; or higher, the heat pump will continue to provide heat and is more efficient than your furnace. However, when the temperatures drop below 35anddeg;, your furnace becomes the more efficient heating option. Therefore, in the winter, the furnace takes over to ensure your home stays warm and comfortable.

Heat Pumps versus Conventional Air Conditioners

Your traditional heating and cooling system consists of a conventional air conditioner and a furnace. A dual-fuel system replaces the traditional AC unit and integrates a heat pump in its place. While air conditioners and heat pumps both use a compressor to transfer warm air from your home and returning cooled air in its place, this is where the resemblance stops.

Unlike AC systems, heat pumps can reverse airflow direction to provide both heating and cooling, making them more versatile than a traditional AC system. Furthermore, heat pumps tend to have better cooling performance, especially when the outside temperature is significantly hotter than inside. They are also more energy-efficient than traditional cooling systems.

Should I Consider a Dual-Fuel System?

Dual-fuel systems are gaining in popularity as more people discover how versatile they are. While they require a larger upfront investment than conventional systems, they offer a host of long-term benefits. If you have reached a point where your old HVAC system needs to be replaced, switching to a dual-fuel system is worth considering. To help you determine if a dual fuel system is right for your home, we've reviewed some of the many benefits these systems offer below. Keep reading to learn more.

Long-Term Cost Savings

Because dual-fuel systems are designed to maximize the efficiency of your HVAC system, switching to dual-fuel has the potential to provide significant savings when it comes to energy costs. In large part, this is due to the integration of the heat pump into the system. Heat pumps are considerably more energy-efficient than both conventional air conditioners and furnaces. The dual-fuel system's emphasis on energy efficiency is particularly attractive given the rising energy costs we face in California.

As an added bonus, dual-fuel systems are much more environmentally friendly than traditional HVAC systems. So, if you are looking for a way to reduce your carbon footprint without sacrificing comfort, the dual-fuel system might be right for you.

Improved Comfort

In addition to the energy savings, dual-fuel systems have a reputation for providing even, reliable comfort throughout your home. Because the heat pump can switch easily between cooling and heating, you do not have to balance your heater and AC usage manually – your system does it for you. This is particularly useful in the spring and autumn months when we experience fairly substantial temperature fluctuations. With a dual-fuel system, you get consistent heat and cooling no matter what is happening outside.

Many people who have never used a heat pump before are skeptical that it provides effective cooling. This is probably because of the word "heatandquot; in the product's name. However, heat pumps are just as effective, if not more so, at cooling your home, even in the height of summer. They are also incredibly quiet and are therefore less obtrusive than your old AC.

How to Select Your Dual-Fuel System

At Valley Heating, Cooling, Electrical and Solar, we are proud to offer our customers the very best in Lennox dual-fuel systems. Our professional technicians are well-versed in all types of HVAC systems and we can help you determine if a dual-fuel HVAC system is right for you. We will discuss your needs, goals, budget and your current feelings about your existing system. If we think that you can benefit from a dual-fuel system, we will tell you. Our ultimate goal is your satisfaction and we will never pressure you to buy something you do not actually need or want.

To learn more about dual-fuel heating and cooling, reach out to Valley today. We are here to help!

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