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Preparing for Emergencies Using Solar Power

Solar Panels on a Roof

The last thing anyone wants is to be left in the dark. When the power goes out, household appliances also go dark, leaving us without a way to cook dinner, bathe, and more. Your HVAC system may stop working, leaving you with unlivable conditions. This is especially a problem when the power goes out in the summer. If the power is out long enough, food in the fridge spoils and most of your communication devices (cell phones, laptops, etc.) cannot be charged and quickly become useless. Not having access to your cell phone can be a major problem in emergencies, especially if you, like millions of other Americans, do not have a landline.

However, if your home utilizes solar power, you can overcome a blackout or other disaster that cuts your electrical power. While many people turn to solar power to reduce their energy costs and be more eco-friendly, solar power benefits in an emergency are often overlooked. Keep reading to learn more about how solar power can help you during an emergency or natural disaster.

You Are No Longer Reliant on Your Local Electrical Grid

When you install solar panels on your home, you have the option to remain connected to your local power grid or transition off the grid completely. If you are still tied to the grid, you will only be able to access your solar power if your solar panel system also includes an energy storage system. If you are completely off the grid, you will continue to have access to your power supply, even if the local power grid goes down.

To learn more about how solar power works, review our blog here.

Solar Panels Can Power Your Whole Home

If you have solar panels installed on your home (with an accompanying energy storage system), they will power your whole house in the event of a power outage including your larger appliances such as your refrigerator and water heater.

When you are dealing with an emergency or a natural disaster, having access to power is crucial. In addition to keeping your home appliances running and your cell phone charged, you can use solar energy to keep essential medical devices running.

Solar Standby Generators

If you do not have solar panels installed on your home, you can still access solar power in an emergency. Solar-powered standby generators are a good option for those concerned with power outages. Generally, a single solar generator will not power an entire home in a power outage, but it can be used to keep essential appliances running. Solar generators have the added benefit that they do not require fuel to operate. This is particularly valuable in an emergency when you may not be able to access a fuel source.

Before selecting a solar generator, you should speak with our solar power specialists. We can help you determine how much power you are likely to need in an emergency and help you select the appropriate generator. At Valley Heating, Cooling, Electrical and Solar, your satisfaction is our priority and we never pressure customers to buy products they do not actually need. Instead, we help you set up the solar power system that suits your needs and brings you peace of mind.

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If you want to learn more about solar power, Valley Heating, Cooling, Electrical and Solar is here to help! Call us at (408) 868-5500 today to set up your installation appointment.

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