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How to Improve Your HVAC System's Efficiency

How to Improve Your HVAC System's Efficiency

Top Ways to Increase Your HVACandrsquo;s Efficiency

As the weather warms here in California, more homeowners will soon be relying on their HVAC units to stay comfortable indoors. Many households may also see a rise in the energy bills — and some of this expense may come from running an inefficient cooling system. Keep reading to learn how to keep your HVAC running properly.

1. Upgrade to a Programmable Thermostat

If youandrsquo;ve ever forgotten to turn your HVAC off when you go to bed or when you leave the house, your best bet is to switch to a programmable thermostat. These ‘smartandrsquo; devices allow you to set your temperature preferences for different times of day — helping you save on your heating and cooling costs.

2. Install a Zoned System

Have you ever found yourself battling over your homeandrsquo;s temperature settings with a roommate or family member? Changing your thermostat to improve the settings in one room wastes energy on the rest of your home that may not need to be cooled or heated. A zoned HVAC system separates your home into zones, allowing you to set preferences for different areas.

3. Clean Your Air Ducts

When we come home after being outside, we track in tiny particles of allergens and outdoor contaminants into our living spaces. As our ducts circulate air throughout our homes, dust, pet dander, bacteria and environmental allergens can also be pushed to each room. To keep your indoor air clean and keep your air conditioner running properly, have our team at Valley Heating, Cooling, Electrical and Solar clean your air ducts regularly.

4. Change Your Filter

After some time, your air conditionerandrsquo;s filter will become damaged or dirty and will, therefore, be unable to filter out these contaminants — significantly impacting your indoor air quality. To prevent this, be sure to replace your air filter every three months.

5. Perform Routine Maintenance

One of the best ways to ensure your heating and cooling system is running properly is to have one of our technicians inspect it regularly. At Valley, our team can check for any repairs that may need to be done to keep your unit operating smoothly all year long. In addition, performing routine HVAC maintenance can prevent a system breakdown and keep your home comfortable.

HVAC Maintenance in San Jose

When your furnace or air conditioner runs efficiently, you save energy. Saving energy will lead to money savings, too. Rely on our technicians at Valley to keep your HVAC running properly all year long! Contact us to book an appointment. (408) 868-5500