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Housewarming Present Ideas


When someone moves in to a new home, it can certainly be an exciting reason to celebrate. But, many people often don't consider how much stuff you need to buy. Here are a few of our favorite housewarming gifts to ensure that your friends and family have everything they need:

HVAC Service Plan

If you really want to put the person's mind at ease in their new place, purchasing an HVAC service plan from a reputable technician will go a long way. This way, they can be sure to receive exceptional service for their heating and cooling needs for the period of time that you designate.

Home Maintenance Items

If the new homeowner doesn't already own a set of tools, then this makes a perfect housewarming gift. Department stores and home improvement stores have plenty of options, all of which will prevent the homeowner from being forced to call a friend or licensed HVAC technician for something as simple as a loose screw or stuck faucet valve.

Fireplace Kit

If the new home has a fireplace, you have several different items to choose from, and you can either purchase a ready-made kit or make your own. Items such as a poker, ash broom, and even a set of logs will be perfect, in addition to decorative items for the mantle.

Brand New Grill

No home is complete without some type of grill, whether meals are prepared inside or outside the home. Outdoor grills create the perfect atmosphere for a get-together. Indoor grills are convenient and don't generate nearly as much heat as an oven.

Smart Thermostat

If you're looking for a gift that will be used every day, you certainly can't go wrong with a smart thermostat. Newer models can be operated remotely via a wi-fi connection, deliver local weather reports, and be programmed with specific days and times of operation.

For more expert advice on housewarming gifts or other home comfort concerns, please contact the friendly professionals at Valley Heating, Cooling, Electrical and Solar. We've been servicing Santa Clara County, Silicon Valley and South Bay Peninsula homeowners since 1962.

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