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Ductless System Myths to Know


As ductless mini splits gain popularity in the U.S., certain ductless technology myths just keep hanging on.

Developed in Japan as an alternative to central A/C and big, bulky window units, a ductless system is designed to condition single rooms or limited spaces without the need for internal ductwork. The system consists of a small indoor air handler that mounts on a wall and incorporates the cooling/heating coil and system blower. Itandrsquo;s connected to a compact outdoor unitandmdash;about the size of a standard suitcaseandmdash;by a narrow conduit that circulates refrigerant. Like all heat pumps, a ductless system both cools in summer and warms in winter.

Even as ductless systems become increasingly common in homes, here are some ductless technology myths that still persist:

  • Ductless systems clash with indoor decor.On the contrary, the indoor component of the ductless system is low-profile and very inconspicuous. Mounted on a wall with a stylish enclosure, it blends well into any room.
  • They must be noisy.Actually, they arenandrsquo;t. The indoor half of the system utilizes a variable-speed blower that runs nearly continuously, yet at a much lower speed and output than old-school, stop-and-go blowers. This makes fan operation quieter and also ensures constant air circulation. In addition, the outside component of a ductless system incorporates a condenser coil fan that utilizes next generation inverter technology which is much quieter that older central A/C units.
  • New technology means higher maintenance.The fact is, regular maintenance requirements are the same or less than most home cooling/heating systemsandmdash;annual preventive maintenance plus regular filter changes.
  • Ductless systems donandrsquo;t last as long as window units or central Air Conditioning.Advanced technology built into ductless mini-splits incurs less wear and tear than conventional window air conditioners or many central systems. While a typical window unit has a service life of 10 years and a central A/C lasts about 15 years, many ductless units have an expected service life of up to 20 years.

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