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Best Ways to Eliminate Cold Spots in Your Home


Cold spots in some rooms in your home can be uncomfortable during a chilly winter, but it's not a problem that you simply have to live with. Here are some effective ways to eliminate cold spots so you can enjoy a more consistent temperature house-wide:


Damaged or deteriorated ductwork can cost you 20 percent or more of your furnace's hot air output. If airflow through the ductwork isn't balanced, it may not be sending sufficient warm air to every room. A certified HVAC technician can assess your air distribution system and make corrective changes, such as installing additional supply or return ducts. A pro can also properly seal and insulate the ducts to curb air leakage and heat loss.


If you have a multi-story or large home that's impossible to heat evenly, zoning the HVAC can help. Zoning breaks the space down into two or more independent heating areas, which lets you program specific temperatures for each one depending on need and occupancy. An HVAC technician installs wired duct dampers connected to a dedicated thermostat to create separate zones, then connects all the thermostats to one central control panel.


If your heating system currently has a single-speed blower, it's bound to cause warmer and cooler periods as it cycles on and off to satisfy your thermostat setting. Installing a variable-speed air handler can virtually eliminate such temperature variations. These air handlers can adjust their speed incrementally, and they also run for extended cycles on the lowest feasible speed setting.


If your existing furnace is due for replacement, it's worth investing in a new two-stage model that's equipped with a dual-position fuel valve and able to modulate its output. Your furnace will cycle less often, but run for longer periods on the lowest heat output, so you'll enjoy more consistent heating and save energy.

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