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How to Quiet Your Home's Air Conditioning Unit


Many people find themselves wishing for easy ways to go about quieting A/C systems the moment they turn theirs on. Some systems need professional attention, and others may need replacing. Here are some solutions to the noisy problem:

Quick Fixes

Mechanical problems may be at the root of your noisy air conditioner. Motors that need oiling often make a screeching noise, or loose fan blades in the condenser can be loud. These problems are largely avoidable by having your system maintained at least once a season.

The compressor in the outdoor condenser is usually the component that makes the most unavoidable noise. Other than replacing the system with one that uses new technology to quiet the compressor, your best option may be to build an enclosure that dampens some of the sound.

Quieting A/C systems isnandrsquo;t a do-it-yourself job, since the condenser needs adequate airflow through it to run. Blocking the airflow could result in higher energy costs or a serious mechanical breakdown.

HVAC professionals have access to materials that will deaden some of the sound that they use as fencing around the condenser,

System Replacements

Both the motors in the air handler and condenser power fans that blow air over coils to absorb or get rid of heat. Options include replacing them with electronically commutated motors (ECMs) that run much more quietly and use a fraction of the electricity than the standard motor.

If a system replacement is on the horizon, you can also choose one with variable-speed motors in both the air handler and the condenser. They use less energy than a fixed-speed and run much more quietly.

The start their running cycles slowly, which increases the noise gradually. Although the noise is still there, itandrsquo;s less noticeable because the motor ramps up slowly and ends its cycle gradually.

Finding solutions for quieting A/C may be a simple fix that Valley Heating, Cooling, Electrical can provide. To learn more, check out our website for in-depth information on many HVAC topics, or call at 408-294-6290 today.

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