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Natural Remedies for Reducing Humidity

Reducing Humidity

High humidity isn't generally something you will have to worry about in your Silicon Valley home, but even here, damp conditions may occur for a variety of reasons.

That's not really a good thing, even in our dry climate, as the warmer air of summertime holds more moisture, which can make us feel warm and clammy. That means we're inclined to turn down the thermostat and waste energy. Dampness can also contribute to mold.

So before you go to the expense of installing a dehumidifier, here are some basic remedies for lowering humidity:

What About Leaks?

A too-damp home in our region is that way for a reason, and the most likely culprit is a plumbing or roof leak. If you suspect you have either, you should get them fixed right away. Leaks waste precious water, and they also contribute to higher moisture content in your indoor air quality. Leaks can also lead to mold, mildew and fungus.

How Long Are Your Showers?

If you or your family are inclined to take long showers, make a strenuous effort to shorten shower time. You should be able to soap, shampoo up and rinse off effectively within five minutes. Get a showerhead that increases pressure without raising volume.

Ventilate the Bathroom and Kitchen

A low-tech way to ventilate a bathroom or kitchen is with an open window and window fan, but if that won't work in your home, look into installing exhaust ventilation to the outdoors. Do not settle for ventilation into the attic, as this increases chances for mold in your home. Ventilation systems are not expensive to purchase or install.

Isolate Plants

Plants help improve indoor air quality, but they also add to the moisture level in a home. Move them all into one room and try keeping the door closed.

Change the Air Filter

A dirty air filter impedes air flow, which affects how well your air conditioner removes humidity. Change the filter frequently.

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