Get Ready for Warmer Weather with an Air Conditioning (A/C) Tune-Up

Although we can’t say for certain that the weather won’t make sudden radical shifts to the cold again, the current warm weather we’re enjoying here in California is a major sign that it’s time to think ahead to spring and summer weather. And that means making certain that your air conditioning system is up to handling the task ahead of it.

So when you start using your heating system less and less—and perhaps turn on your A/C now and then—it’s the time to contact our HVAC team and get on the schedule for your spring air conditioning maintenance visit.

Why Bother with A/C Maintenance Now?

Another version of this question and one we often hear is “Why bother with A/C maintenance this year? I had it done last year!”

The simple answer to both questions is that air conditioning maintenance isn’t something you “bother with.” It’s essential unless you want to live the summer with an air conditioner that’s always at risk of breaking down at any moment and you have plenty of disposable income you like to spend on needlessly inflated utility bills.

The HVAC maintenance done in spring provides a number of benefits that really shouldn’t be called benefits—because they’re just the way things should be with your air conditioner:


Any HVAC system that misses its yearly maintenance is at an increased risk of failing at a critical moment. It’s like skipping maintenance for your car and then trying to go on a cross-country road trip: the chance of the car breaking down on you is…well, it’s not something you want on your mind.

Energy savings:

On average, an air conditioner that misses its annual check-up and inspection will lose around 5% of its energy efficiency rating. A system that stays current with maintenance will perform approximately 20% more efficiently over its lifetime - and that adds up to major savings.

Equipment longevity:

In other words, a well-maintained A/C unit probably won't need to go into early retirement. Replacing a furnace years before its manufacturer’s estimated lifespan is a huge waste of money.

Repair avoidance:

Here’s a sobering statistic: around 80 percent of the repairs an air conditioner needs over its lifetime are avoidable thanks to maintenance. Think of how much less hassle (and money spent on repairs) that means!

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